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“The only way to find out how much you are going to love Elm Treason is to take the plunge and soak up the rays and essence of this great band.”

-Carmen Allgood, Producer, WorldWideWavez Radio Showz


We had a ton of fun making this record. And like previous songs you may have heard from us, we are once again bringing that “Elm Treason Sound” – that organic, banging acoustic rock n’ roll core – to this new collection of original tracks.  We’re stoked for you to check out what we’ve been up to!


At the risk of going “Sinatra” on you, we truly did this record our way. And it is beyond cool to be able to connect with you, one to one, like this. There ain’t no record company bigwigs, no corporate ledger-jockeys, no focus group tight-asses telling us what the music should be. No go-betweens. It’s us … directly to you!


There ain’t anywhere to hide when you’re “naked” with the acoustic. But we also aim to “keep it real” on bass, drums, keys, percussion, whatever. There’s texture and soul, we feel, in that “organic” approach.  It certainly doesn’t make us better than anyone else. We simply try to honor the greats that influenced us.


Why You and This Band are Different Than the Industry

Individuality and imperfection make us beautiful. Our music celebrates the struggle and achievement of everybody, not just those who say the right things or look the right way. Music listeners celebrate individuality, but the music industry does not. That is why we work directly with listeners, fans and supporters. Not the industry.

We want to gain as much from you as you do from us. This isn’t about building followers. It’s about building relationships.

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In this day and age with so many musicians online trying, vying, dying to get their music heard, doing all they can can to garner even a sliver of attention from deep within a vast ocean of musicmakers of all kinds, it has become increasingly more difficult – some might say nearly impossible – for music lovers and music makers to find each other. 

There are so many styles, genres, feels, expressions that are not acknowledged – let alone embraced – by the industry. This means that so many incredible talents get little to no recognition. Even worse, it means that eager souls who are hungry for – and willing to support – new exciting music are often deprived of it because the industry chooses who wins.

So, this is really about a direct connection. No impersonal rule makers. No data-crunchers deciding who hears what at whatever time. No board room budget jockeys running the show without even knowing or caring about the music or who is listening.

The industry doesn’t care about what we do. That’s why we have to reach out to you directly. Because frankly, they don’t care about you either.

We do this ourselves.

And we are grateful to you.


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