Take a deep dive into “The Voice of Treason.”

Our fourth album “The Voice of Treason” is finally complete and available!

But we’re not just throwing it up on some streaming service.

Instead, we want to take you on a very special (and personal) journey through our most ambitious release to date!

You in?

What do we mean by “Journey?”

This record is our most aspiring, creative and personal work yet. We wanted to be sure we were telling you the whole story, so we’ve set up a fun and unique 10-day guided tour through the album. As you dive in, you’ll get all this stuff:

All TEN tracks from “The Voice of Treason” delivered over 10 days through personalized invites in downloadable HIGH QUALITY 320kpbs MP3 files… FREE!  Each day, a different specialized theme.

Lots of exclusive bonus content such as: Video stories behind each song’s structure and inspiration… Behind-the-scenes looks  at the album’s creation… Exclusive demos… Lyrics to each track.

Get to know Bobby and Andy in “About  the Band” exclusive videos created just for this journey… Music and lyric video previews… Feedback section with guaranteed responses from the band.

Common questions answered

So, how does this work?

Easy stuff. Simply click any of the green buttons on this page, then decide if you’d like to do this via e-mail or Facebook Messenger. Then, type in your name (and email if applicable), and you’re in! That’s it.

So, how do I get my free music and dig into all the extra stuff?

Again, real easy. Each day for ten days, I send you a secret link (an invite, we call it) that immediately leads you to that day’s album journey page. Each day represents a different song on the album. On each page is not only a direct download link of that day’s song, but exclusive bonus content like interviews, behind-the-scenes stuff and stories behind each song. You also get lyrics and a place to leave your comments. (We respond personally to each and every one).

So, why do this? Why not just release the record like everyone else?

Well, a lot of bands make an album, upload it to Spotify, and then go on their merry way. There’s no real connection there. No dialogue around the meaning behind the lyrics. No sharing of personal stories that inspired the songs. Nothing. Music is all about connection, isn’t it? That is why we have made the release of our new album more than just run-of-the-mill. We’re busting the traditional walls that exist between artist and listener, and building a bridge through a virtual experience we call “the journey.”

Okay, cool. But are you going to stream the music anyway?

Yep. We will without question. We just think that’s way less fun. But we get the convenience of it. 

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