Elm Treason LOGO Shirt


So, you’re living your life. You start thinking, “If I could somehow find a t-shirt that combines the name of a deciduous tree and the word “treason,” by golly, all would be right with the world.”
That is where we come in.

Wide range of sizes from S-5XL

Fairly produced, certified and triple audited

Double-stitched ribbed collar and hems

Will not leave leaves all over your driveway and lawn come the autumn

Could be the one t-shirt in your collection that prompts the most, “What does that mean?” inquiries from the public-at-large.


Sure, we can come up with all kinds of cool t-shirt designs that’ll snag eyeballs. For example, having things “on fire” works real well. Skulls and demons and bubbly red stuff are also SENSATIONAL on a t-shirt. Album covers can also “wow” onlooking prying eyes. Even lots of squiggly lines and psychedelic colorful thingies can look pretty fantastic.

No question about it.

But sometimes, getting back to basics is the ticket. Sometimes just a name, a phrase, a word – you know, the minimalist approach – is what the game calls for.

That’s what this is: a t-shirt with the band’s name on it. No killer over-indulgent graphics. (That’s not to say you shouldn’t get a shirt with “stuff on it” if that’s your thing. We have plenty of those, too). Nothing over the top. Just two words, a few almost-stylish underlined letters and an overall look that screams, “I’m really kind of cool, don’t you think?”

It is entirely possible – most like probable – that this will become your favorite t-shirt. Soft, comfortable and durable. A must own.

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