JUNE 4, 2021

In a recent interview…

We were asked: “In just one or two sentences, how would you complete this: ‘You should check out Elm Treason, they are this band that….‘ “

Andy: “… has this power pop-classic rock vibe thing happening with real catchy songs and a ton of infectious riffs … but they do everything acoustically.. and they damn well rock!

Bobby: “… you gotta listen to! They are a two man group that has a classic riff rock vibe with guitar-hero solos and catchy choruses that will give you an earworm for days…and it’s all done on acoustic guitars!”


We appreciate all of your input on our planned “FACEBOOK LIVE” event in July. You guys seem as stoked as we are!

After ingesting all of your comments and suggestions, we’ve decided we’re going FULL INTERACTIVE!

We’ll do some live songs, answer your questions in real time, take some requests – we’ll make it a complete give-and-take experience! It’ll be FUN!

There will be no real script (except for some rehearsed songs). We’ll just play it as it comes.

Thanks everyone!

Your Input: This Involves You!

Okay, your turn now… (insert drumroll)

Call this the “ASK US ANYTHING” forum. Full transparency time!

Interested in knowing our favorite foods? Our most hated TV shows? Scariest moments? Most contentious band situations? Greatest Elm Treason events? If we could be a flower, which one would it be?

The sky is the limit (pretty much).

Ask us anything. We’re ready!


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Joe Hrozencik

What’s the favorite place for you to play??


Anyplace where Andy and I play live together. So far I liked The Bitter End in NYC the best, if that answers your question.

Last edited 2 years ago by Bobby

Every artist’s has that one dream to perform someplace. Where is yours


For me , the Red Rocks Amphitheatre. One of the most stunning venues I’ve ever seen. I know, ambitious. I’d settle for Radio City Hall or Beacon Theater (Like that’s any more realistic LOL). But a guy can dream can’t he?

April Haller

Red Rocks is on my bucket list as well as seeing you guys … bonus!

Christopher Stetson

Can’t wait for Fb live


me too!

Nancy Norris

How long have you guys been friends? Together as a band? Plan on touring out west, like PDX?? 😃


We’ve been hanging out since 2010. Did our first recording the summer of that year. And Elm Treason was born officially January 2011. Touring has been a life long dream of mine since I was a kid. I was born to perform and tour. Bring it on!

Mark Caro

Actually….How old are you guys?


Thanks. Cool. You guys are catching up to me! Lol 😆 I’m 57.


Old enough to know better, Young enough to pretend i don’t. Ok ok…. I first arrived on planet Earth on 7/9/68 and I’ve been waiting for the mothership to pick me up and take me home since. They said they were going to the store and they’d be right back…..


Thanks Bobby!
They’ll come back…but I enjoy you here, so hope they stay away longer!


you guys are the best acoustarock period


WOW thanks so much Bill! What an outstanding compliment. We are honored.

Tim Wigg

Elm Treason casts the coolest shade of rock!!!


Thanks so much Tim! So glad you’re enjoying our music!


When are you coming to Montana? Would love to see you here


I’ve wanted to go to Montana since i was a little child. No kidding. AS soon as it’s humanly possible we will visit.

Shirley Mason

So what do you two amazing rockers do for day jobs?, music is life but unfortumately we all have to eat and pay bills, love that your going live, just think this will be your world tour virtual up close and personal gig, what more could we ask for. Rock ro the tune of your hearts guys💜


I’m a music teacher in the NYC public school system. Been doing that for a couple of decades now. Since I was a teenager, I’ve used music as a source of income mainly teaching private lessons and playing at churches. I feel fortunate to have a music related job even though my true calling and dreams is in songwriting, recording, performing and touring. I haven’t given up on the dream yet. With technology we can make it happen with live Facebook, and virtual tours. Thanks for your question and your support!


Bobby – I believe you are playing a PRS. If so, where did you find it? I honestly don’t recall ever seen a PRS acoustic. You play it seemingly effortlessly and seems to take to bending strings well.


Thank you. Yes. I play a PRS Angelus-SE. I bought it at Sam Ash in Edison, NJ. It’s funny, I tried out the Martins, Gibsons and the Taylors and they were alright. I enjoyed playing them. But when i picked up the PRS it was love at first strum.. I loved the feel and the sound. I chose mahogany over rosewood because mahogany delivered a nice warm tone, which I thought was unique. Plus, the price was nicer. Believe it or not, most of what you pay for in acoustic guitars is the materials of which they are constructed. It does have a fluidity to it, which suits me as a lead guitarist. It does provide for pretty decent bending. If the neck was just a teensy weency bit narrower it would be perfect. But this guitar is as close to perfection as it gets.


Ha…I bought my first piece of music equipment ever at Sam Ash in Edison (A Paiste 16 inch crash – my grandparents lived right down the street). I currently play a Taylor 200 series (though I also have a Martin D-28, no electronics) and while it has its pros, it also has some cons I’ve grown tired of. In the market for something new. Hope I can come across a PRS somewhere. Would love to try it out. You’d be a kick ass endorser for them!


Wow a Martin D-28 ; that is THE guitar for bluegrass. That’s a big dreadnought. A guy like me would disappear behind one of those things, but i recommended that guitar to Andy. I’ve played Taylor 200s; real nice guitars. I’d LOVE to endorse PRS. If they could send me some free ones that’d be great. I might also be a nice way to meet my hero Alex Lifeson. Hey ,a guy can dream can’t he? I’m sure you can find a PRS at Sam Ash or Guitar Center somewhere. Happy hunting.

Joe M

Do you think Elm Treason will be playing any live gigs in 2021?


Live gigs in the traditional sense, I’d say pretty unlikely. However, in the Facebook livestream sense that’s definitely more possible. I think we do have plans to do that soon.
Spring 2020- Spring 2021 was just not a good year for concerts of any kind. Everything came to a grinding halt. We miss performing live. We want to get back into it as soon as it’s feasible. But in the meantime, we’ve got cool stuff coming up you’ll love….stay tuned.

Lisa Carpenter-myers

What made you decide to rock out on acoustics? I have always said…if it sounds like shit on an acoustic it’s gonna sound like shit with reverb and distortion lol

Last edited 2 years ago by Lisa Carpenter-myers

In the very early formative years of Elm Treason Andy and I recorded an album with electric instruments. It was a really nice sounding album. Then we got invited to perform on this cable TV show called “horses sing none of it” in Morristown NJ. There was a catch. The host of the show said, no full bands, no amps or electric guitars, we don’t have the room nor the capability. Andy and I said (in stereo) “Great. Now what the @#$% are we gonna do?” We certainly didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity. So we decided we would undertake the challenge of taking ALL those songs and arranging what we did on multi-track recording for two acoustic guitars. And a challenge it was. In that process, we discovered how beautiful, intimate and sonorous our songs became. The overtones and textures and colors were just bubbling with this effervescence that just CAPTURED us and we were absolutely smitten. We knew we were onto something special and we decided to completely change our approach to writing and performing and never look back.
Everything Andy said is spot on. We approached acoustic guitars with an electric guitar sensibility. And no you can’t hide behind an acoustic guitar. There’s no stack of Marshalls, no effects rack, no reverb, nothing to cover any type of sloppiness, mistakes or timing issues (drummers usually cover that nicely). No drummer to lay down the beat. However all those restrictions paradoxically liberated us. The palate was blank leaving us the complete freedom to fill it in anyway we liked. It was an epiphany for us.
Ironically, when I first started collaborating with Andy back in 2010, we used electric guitars and we sat, toe to toe, face to face, eye to eye and jammed, and wrote. See? it was written in the stars, it was meant to be. But we didn’t notice it. That still makes me chuckle when i think of it. Elm Treason was always an ACOUSTIC duo. We just needed to get slapped with the Zen stick to realize it. And that Zen stick came from Morristown, NJ
Thanks for the great question, Lisa.


Sorry, i meant to say when Andy and I first collaborated in 2010 we used ACOUSTIC guitars and played toe to toe, face to face, eye to eye. Little typo there. Now it will make sense to you.


You both have a deep love for all types of music. Were either of your parents instrumental (pun intended) in your love of music?


I have quite a lot of musicians and visual artists -even sculptors-in my family. My father’s biological father (whom I never met) was a composer and concert pianist. My dad sang in Doo Wop groups in the 50s and actually recorded an album. He was also an award winning visual artist. My mom’s dad played guitar and sang. I have cousins who are musicians and artists. Some have made careers out of it, others have done it as extracurricular activities for enjoyment.
My mom also sang. My brother is an outstanding jazz guitarist and clarinetist who has a music degree from Berkley College of Music.
So as you can probably guess, I heard ALL kinds of music in my house, my grandparents house and my cousin’s houses. I was also a curious, precocious little kid. I remember taking all kinds of strange records home from the library. World music,even records with bird calls on them (which tormented my cat). One particular memory I have was when i took a Sun Ra record out because I thought it was children’s music (the cover was very colorful and kid friendly) OMG was I in for a SHOCK. I remember just being blown away by the sounds. To this day I still love Sun Ra’s music.
My grandfather had a close friend who toured with some well known jazz and big bands as a pianist. He started me on lessons when I was 7 years old.
So yes, lots of musical, artistic, creative influence from my family.
Thanks so much for the great question, Paul.

We LOVE this vintage David Bowie ad for his “new tune” …SPACE ODDITY.


Another Promo

Last week, we shared one of our very first video promos for our first album, “Days of Reaction.”

Today, we share an early version of a promo we did for what would eventually be our third album. 

Pretty damn funny stuff.

(Note, that when this was made, we were still calling our third album “Acoustic Sedition.” It eventually became “Rhyme and Treason.”)


Pulling paces before a gig in Morristown, New Jersey, August 2014


Cigarette ads in magazines.

Roman Around

This week, Andy goes “Roman Around the Mind” talking about how he and Bobby approach writing together.



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