MAY 14, 2021

Live Facebook Stream Upcoming?

Hi all!

One of things we get asked MOST is whether or not we will ever do a FACEBOOK LIVE event. 

We’ve never done one, it’s true.

Well, since we love to include you guys on anything we may be thinking about regarding future band happenings, we are seriously considering a LIVE EVENT sometime in early July.

It would be a BEAUTIFULLY interactive event. We’d have direct Q&As with you. Some live requests. Whatever else sounds good.

We’ll keep you updated, but we think this could be a TON of fun. Thoughts?

At the bottom of a box…

…we found the unmixed session tapes to the very first sessions we did as ELM TREASON.

These are the tapes that would have eventually yielded our first album.

But somewhere toward the end of those sessions, extraordinary circumstances caused us to take the “bangin’ acoustic rock” road we now pave. (We would re-record all the tracks from those sessions and eventually released our first album “Days of Reaction” as it exists now).

However, we may plow through those old tapes sometime soon and see if they’re worth salvaging .

Maybe some time in the future, you’ll see us release — Elm Treason, the lost ELECTRIC SESSIONS!

Your Input: Craving your T-Shirt ideas!

It’s true… t-shirts are one of our biggest movers. People love ’em. So do we.

Many of you have suggested design ideas that are, frankly, pretty damn creative (and better than some of our ideas). We actually get a lot of, “If you had so-and-so on a t-shirt, I’d get one!”

Okay! We hear you.

We want (and need) your input!

What kind of Elm Treason t-shirt would YOU like to see? 

Lay it on us!.

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Dennis Downing

Anything as long as it on the front so I can show it off on my Access T.V. show.


always sweet !!

Mark Caro

Read the classical music influenced article.
I might have mentioned before, but I think that is why I don’t get tired of listening to Elm Treason. Like Beatles songs, they grab you at the start, but….. hold on……the more you listen , the more you know them. Their personalities, their world view etc..And to top it off, you can actually talk to them(Andy and Bobby) about their songs!
How AWESOME is that?
Love you guys! Keep playing…please.

Mark Caro

I’ll see what I can do.😉

Dennis Downing

Got that right Mark

Alan Seger

Elm Treason – Plugged!!! Yeah! I never thought a mainly acoustic band would ever be a favourite of mine but here we are. You have no idea how happy I am to have stumbled upon your music.

Shirley Mason

Hi guys, love the idea of live stream.on FB,. Its going toallin the timing as everyone is on different time zones but hey ill be there anytime you make it.
T shirts , hoodies, i love , designs front or back and sleeve are all good. Illhave a good think of creative design.

Nancy Moseley

I love tahirts! You make them and I will buy! I have no ideas though🤔

Joe Hrozencik

I’m thinking your days of reaction CD cover.the girl,the tree stump,the axe. It would be a cool shirt


Living in MIchigan, the weather sometimes gets chilly. it would be a lovely thing to keep warm and promote one of my favorite bands with a sweatshirt or hoodie. Just saying. By the way, I already own a couple of Elm Treason T-shirts that I wear on warmer days.


Too Sweet

Dig this funked up groove. We go back to our third album (RHYME AND TREASON) and share this link to our third official music video: “Too Sweet.” Get chunky!


Andy and Bobby sitting on the floor of Andy’s brother’s garage, jamming during a video shoot break, August 2017


OMG! It’s a Sony DISCMAN!  Are you kidding?

Pen of Steel

Classical Music and Elm Treason Music.. Is there a connection? Our own Bobby Steel makes the case.



– Inviting you in for a little pun…

-Bobby once again makes a musical connection… this time between progressive rock and Elm Treason music. Don’t miss that!


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