MAY 7, 2021

Confirmed! A Concert film?

We have decided that we WILL be creating a full length performance video from the nearly eight hours of live jams we recorded at the end of March. (We’ll trim it down to about an hour).

A Bluray… a DVD…Streaming…. Maybe even a live album….

Ideas are FLOWING now.

Amazon Too?

Last week, we announced that our first three albums are now available on Spotify for endless streaming.

(Here’s the link in case you need it –> ELM TREASON ON SPOTIFY)

We’ve decided that in the next few weeks, we will also be making those same three albums available on Amazon Music. 🙂  Cool, we think.

Your Input: Maybe a Podcast in Our Future?

A podcast??? Really??? Are we so full of ourselves that we’re thinking…. “Yup, we need to hear ourselves talk and share it with people?”

Well, not exactly.

Last week, we asked you guys if you had any ideas for Facebook topics we could use on our page to keep conversations lively! As expected, you came through.

This inspired the idea…. 

What if we posted a link to a weekly audio clip, maybe three or four minutes long (call it a “podcast” for the want of a better term), where you guys could actually hear Bobby and me (Andy) give our quick opinions on a given topic…and then invite comments.

It would be VERY short… but you could hear us expand on an opinion or idea for a few minutes.

This whole idea is about opening up another channel of interaction with you.

Could be a fun thing to do, no? Thoughts?

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Nancy Moseley

Bring it on. Next best thing to being live in concert!!


thank you, Nancy. It will be fun! Looking forward to it!

Rancine Hathcock

Perhaps music, full spectrum, if you will. Where it began and where it’s, possibly, heading?? Idk, 1st thought. Have a fantastic weekend! Blessings and Peace y’all


I have a good idea where music began, but where it’s heading is anybody’s guess. But we can have fun speculating. Thanks for the fascinating topic idea.


Something that would be a got topic is the best and worst performances you did and why.


um er we don’t have a worst performance (cough) {nose growing longer}

Mark Caro

Love to see a “concert “ film!
Or documentary.


a documentary would be a dream come true!

Sam Nardi

That all sounds great, I’m concert STARVED so the video sounds awesome!!!🤘


i think we all feel the same way Sam. Well we got a feast for the ears coming …..

April haller

I like the idea idea of you sharing your background, your musical upbringing and influences . I also love your New York accents lol or is us west coasters who have the accent? Haha


As they say in Brooklyn: Bodabing! fuggetaboutit! We can do music tawk ovah cawfee.
It’ll be a blast!


I’m down with a podcast. Or anything y’all wanna do really. Just here to support y’all in whatever. I’m a new fan but y’all are interesting and seem like cool people so I’m here for it.


I’m ready! Thanks so much for the support!

Shirley Mason

Great ideas, you could put up a challenge for the community to write a line in a song that you guys could put to music you write, give a topic and everyone can contribute, could be good for a laugh or something epic you put the starting line up and comunity builds on it, tben you can record it and put on page.
Something like that.


There was a game we used to play in the East Village NYC clubs back in the 90s; — i forget the name– but we would pass a piece of paper around and everyone would write a line then fold the paper so the next person couldn’t see it, then they would have to write a line and fold the paper (no peeking!). After the paper was filled up the “host” (usually the guy who booked the bands) would unfold the paper and read the “poem” that was created. Sometimes the poems would actually kind of make sense (depending upon how much alcohol was in your system). It was always fascinating and sometimes hilarious.


Band Name?

In case you’ve never seen this – or even if you have, and you don’t mind watching it again – here is a short little 90 second video that explains what the band’s name means…and how it came to be…


Andy and Bobby during sessions for the band’s STILL unreleased original “electric” album , February, 2013


Listening to records…. with headphones..


– We need your help with something. We’ll be asking for your input. 

-Bobby connects Elm Treason music to Classical music. Yep. 

Want to contact us directly with a guaranteed direct response via email? —>

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