OCTOBER 22, 2021



Okay, ready? (the mouth waters)

We’re feelin’ the excitement, and we’re makin’ it official…

We’ve got a BRAND NEW ALBUM! 

(Woo FREAKING Hoo!!)

We call it “Bare Tones.” 


It’s a play on the phrase “Bare Bones.” 

It’s a professionally recorded live 70 minute set of us doing our two-man-band-thing just as we do it when we go out and hit the stage.

Two voices. Two microphones. Two guitars. Nothing else.  Pure Elm Treason.

Bom Bom Boom! 

Live album – without overdubs. Honest. Naked (so to speak… thank goodness). 

We had three cameras capturing the performance as well. 

Thus, we have created both an audio record of the session (available on CD, vinyl and digital download) as well as a video record (on DVD or Bluray).  15 songs spanning the Elm Treason catalog.

Many of you have probably seen our live two-man Throwback Thursday jams on our Facebook page. So many have commented how much they love them and would really dig a properly recorded album of these types of live renditions.

Well, we’ve done it. And we think we’ve done it right.

It is a dream come true for us. 

And you guys here get first dibs before anyone else! 

To that end, we are officially announcing the BARE TONES HOLIDAY SEASON PRE-SALE!

Lots of packages for you to choose from.  All kinds of formats. 

All available to you guys right now before “the rest of world” even hears about this.

Check it out! And thank you so much. We know you’ll love this. 

Your Input: Fill in the Blank

You may have seen this somewhere in a slightly different form.

Originally, the blank was filled in with the words “YOKO ONO,” which is pretty funny on its own (no personal slight to Yoko intended).

But we thought it might be fun to have YOU fill in the blank with what makes sense to you. 

Maybe an extra hour in 2021 is a positive for you.

How would YOU fill in this blank?  Hit that comments section!

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Mike Wagrowski

Shitty (I hate that it gets dark early)

John Thomas

Swedish Polka


Hey guys, another great newsletter. The Bill Withers pun made me laugh more than I’m willing to admit. Keep on rockin’!

Al Seger

Favorite debut album – Queen by some band named Queen. You may have heard of them.

Al Seger

Strange coincidence. Just yesterday I told Alexa to play some music from 1971. American Pie started but I already heard that recently so I told Alexa to skip to a different song. It was Bill Withers – Ain’t No Sunshine.

William T Boys

I’ve seen this blank filled in as Yoko Ono, which, of course, is the obvious choice, but not original. Justin Bieber is over-used, and so is Nickelback. I’m not sure why Nickelback gets so much abuse and it’s probably a little unfair to Bieber. I hear a lot of people dis Coldplay and Train but I have to admit to liking both bands. So I’ll have to dig back to the Disco era for this one and say Lipps Inc.

William T Boys

The people who took that Volkwagen Abbey Road pic missed the boat by not photoshopping a Beatle (maybe Ringo) To take the place of the parked VW Beetle in the original photo.


The white 5th Beatle was my thought also man 😂👍

William T Boys

LOL. Great Beatles mind think alike!

William T Boys

The Album, Boston deserves some love as a great debut. Brad Delp did all those vocals, including backup and Tom Sholz actually invented equipment that changed the recording process. Donald Fagen’s Nightfly is an awesome debut and one of my personal favorites. Pronounced leh-nerd skin-nerd was pretty damn good. Queen was a game changer in many ways…Imagine a world before the song “Keep Yourself Alive.” Idlewild South was good. Bad Company was great. Heart’s Dreamboat Annie was epic to me. I mean it had Magic Man, Crazy on You and, of course, I love the title track. Plus it showed that women could write incredible Rock songs, play guitars and wail away at a lyric. I think the CCR album, Creedence Clearwater Revival deserves some love. It had I Put a Spell on you and Suzi Q and really contributed to garage bands showing up in droves, so it was undoubtedly influential and help shape Rock music all over the world. I think Outlandos d’Amour deserves a little love. I’ve never heard Spoonful of Cream, but you’d have to think it was, at least, influential. Sorry I ran on, but nobody was going there, so I thought, why not. Obviously, I’m partial to 70s Rock.


Ordered my cd bundle, ill order a tshirt but later, loving the news letter, your post and groovy noodle certainly brighten my days, keep on rocking🤍


Favourite debut album
Woodes- Crystal ball.
Only because i helped get it out there.

Matthew Nielsen

I could stick with Yoko Ono on this one, honestly. Or Gary Cherone-era Van Halen. (And I LOVE Van Halen).


I had the best year ever So the blank is Elm Treason 😎🤟. Morrissey is my least favourite sound of any singer His mono tone voice has a way of making everything sound the same Drives me nuts

Kris carpenter

Weird al album… it might be good but u can guarantee it’s gonna be weird…favorite album is hard to say. Pretty sure my music tastes are a bit different than most of your fans. I would say probably Radiohead’s first album Pablo hunny. Really don’t like their later softer stuff but that album hits. I just bought the bluray with the extras. Can’t wait to see it. Glad you guys are coming up in the world. Hope u and yours are doing good.

Last edited 2 years ago by Kris carpenter

GREAT debut albums!

So many great debut albums out there, so little bandwidth to display their covers. 

These 16 are, by no means, exhaustive…or even fractionally representative…. they’re just some of our favorites.

What’s your favorite debut album?

Hit that comments section!


City strollin’, March, 2018


The struggle was all too VERY real.



Dig this 70s-era PIONEER stereo ad. Would STILL love to own that.


The “self-explanatory” kind of funny.


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