OCTOBER 15, 2021

Countdown to the BARE TONES pre-sale


Our new album, BARE TONES, featuring the band tearing through an entire set of music on just TWO GUITARS (the way we do it when we play live), will go on PRE-SALE one week from the release of this newsletter. 

It will be set free on CD, Vinyl, Digital Download, Bluray and DVD. 

Two dudes on two axes, captured with two microphones and three cameras. 15 tunes altogether.

Just us. No overdubs. Pure. Honest.

You guys here, through this newsletter, will get first dibs. 

Here is a taste – completely mixed, mastered and edited for video – Elm Treason performing “Crayon.” 

We are terrible excited. We hope you are, too!

Your Input: Ever catch your FAVE?

We thought we’d continue to play off the “Your Input” theme of LIVE music….

Bobby has seen his all-time favorite band, Rush, many many times.

By contrast, Andy’s all-time favorite band stopped touring before he was even born (The Beatles).

Have you ever seen your all-time favorite artist or band live?

Let’s hear from you!

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Mike Pruchnicki

Pink Floyd has been my all time favorite band since the early ’70’s. I finally got to see them live at the Orlando Citrus Bowl, in the pouring rain in ’87 or ’88. I remember it was March 30th, but I don’t remember the year for sure. I was a lot younger than and out of my mind most of the time!👍😎

Joe Hrozencik

Although I never got to see my all time favorite band,Led Zeppelin ( I did have tickets on order, in1980,but we all know what happened, there) I did manage to see Robert Plant, 3 times. That was awesome. I did see Deep Purple, perfect strangers tour, Twice. And I’ll tell ya,there was no other singer like Ian Gillan, back then!!!

Shelley Stewart

Yes! Lucky to see Bowie.. I lost my sight at 27. My own 27 club lol but I was lucky enough to have my site when I saw Bowie twice and Lou Reed and also the Rolling Stones and many others but most of my bucket list has been completed without site which is OK no complaints here! How about flipping it and asking if there is any faves that we regret not seeing? And not actually those that stopped before we were born, not a slam Andy but I guess I mean more contemporary bands for example I wish I had seen Janis Joplin but she died when I was a little girl.
P.S Oct. 22 is the best day this year!!!

Mark Caro

One of my favorites right there dudes 👍🏼👍🏼 CRAYON!!!


Bowie ,Dylan,Queen, a lot of Aussie bands, concerts sell out in less than minutes here in west Aus, , and we seem to be too far away these days for the big gigs, sitting on tickets for London Grammar and Zucchero at the moment, its been nearly 2 years, but we wait.

Christopher Stetson

I’ve seen my 2 all time favorite bands,Pink Floyd,Paul McCartney…
I also love the Beatles but was born 3 yrs after there break up..
There music is still resonate’s loud and clear

Jake Lucas

My favorite band (other than Elm Treason of course) is AC/DC. I’ve never seen them in concert, I almost went during the Black ice tour. I sure wish I had given that Malcolm has since passed away and touring seems pretty questionable lately.


Seen loads of favourites. Where pretty lucky in Ireland for big gigs & festivals That was until Covid shite came about…. Hopefully get to go to some gigs again soon 😎🤟
Metallica, Guns & Roses, Chilli Peppers, Foo fighters, Velvet Revolver, Pink Floyd, Rodger Waters, Eric Clapton, Oasis, Liam Gallaher, Puddle of Mud, Royal Blood, Monkford and sons, U2 , High flying Birds, Verve, Snow Patrol, Queens of stone age, too name a few favourites, some of those seen more than once 😎🤟


I like Crayon. Just love that Riff like its on a mission 😂. Like that i can see what your playing that i can attempt to mess your songs up lol

Shelley Stewart

Nice list! Just wondering where in Ireland you are from I have been there twice and was planning to go in 2020 hmmm… looks like fingers crossed it will be 2022 but spending five days in Scotland and two in Ireland!


I live in Co Tyrone moreless on the boarder between North and South 👍. My Grandmother was from Glasgow Scotland. You can ferry across from Scotland to Ireland in a couple of hours and be only about 40mile from me 🇮🇪.

William T Boys

Very happy you’re putting Crayon on Bare Tones. Weird question, but could you consider it kind of a Rock Samba?

Pretty Cool Quotes

We agree, Ozzy.

Some truths are self evident


One of the earliest pictures EVER taken of us – jamming in Andy’s basement studio, Staten Island, NY –  February, 2013


Whether practical or not…whether they look good or not…whether they’re even playable or not, here are some creative axes for your viewing pleasure…



Some truths are just self-evident.

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