SEPTEMBER 24, 2021

“Bare Tones” Quick Q&A

QUESTION 1  – The new ELM TREASON album, coming out for the Christmas season, is called BARE TONES. In two sentences, tell us about it.

ANSWER 1 – It’s essentially a live album featuring Andy and Bobby plowing through their live set on just two acoustic guitars, without editing, without overdubs. The performance was also filmed, so it will be available on DVD and/or Bluray.

QUESTION 2 – How many songs will be included?

ANSWER 2 – There will be 15 total songs on the standard release. The vinyl issue will be a double album. There will be two bonus tracks from the same performance available as part of a special pre-order campaign, making a total of 17. 

QUESTION 3 – When do pre-orders for BARE TONES begin?

ANSWER 3 – Before October 8th. Not sure of the exact date. But no later than that date.

QUESTION 3 – Does this shirt make me look fat?

ANSWER 3 – No. Of course, not.

Jingles, TV Themes and other gems!

It isn’t just songs on the radio or tunes from our collections that stick to our musical bones. Sometimes commercial jingles, TV theme songs or incidental music from programs we watch can be just as infectious as our favorite albums.

Here are four favorites off the top of our heads.  (There are SO MANY to choose from).

Got a favorite TV theme? Commercial Jingle?

Let’s hear about it!

The Oscar Mayer bologna song…

Sometimes you feel like a nut – Almond Joy and Mounds…

Theme to Maude…

Theme to Peter Gunn…

Wish we could’ve seen them live….

We’ve posted this topic on our Facebook page before, but we thought we’d give it a pop here..

Assuming your time machine is in good working order, and you could witness one band or artist doing something (playing live, recording a specific track, rehearsing, you name it)at any time in history, what would it be?

I (Andy) will give you an example of my top choice…. 

I would go back to a Beatles gig in Hamburg, Germany (circa 1961), BEFORE they were famous, when they were learning their craft, playing seven or eight hours a night of high powered rock and roll, before the suits, before the screams, to watch them in action. Not only would that be amazing for me (being a bonafide Beatlemaniac), but afterwards, you could sit with them, buy them a beer (or three) and talk music.

No fame. Easily approachable.

What do you think? What’s yours?

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Becky Goins

For me it would be The Eagles, anywhere and anytime in the ‘70’s or Dr. Hook. Both great bands and I love listening to their music. Now, for some new music, it’s ELM TREASON all the way, baby!!!!

Last edited 2 years ago by Becky Goins
Charles Wiser

Favorite TV theme: The Prisoner and Get Smart, annnnnnd Monty Pythons Flying Circus.
Zappa, Frank Zappa… anytime before the Senate hearings on rating music.
Favorite TV ad jingle: old Levi commercial from the 70’s had psychedelic colors and a groovy whistling theme…may have been Osh Gosh.
Great photo of you two jamming. I am all in for the live album and assorted items. Anything I can do to help support you two! Respect.

Joe Hrozencik

I don’t know… Probably Zeppelin, when they first came to the US,playing that small bar in California, where it seems everyone who became huge played. The Rainbow, or something like that?!?

Shelley Briley

This is hard, but one would be Ella Fitzgerald. But there are many others.

Christopher Stetson

Cant wait for next month!! Love your music and style to enth degree…
I loved Maude as a kid,i now have them song stuck in my head😵…..LOL
Have a great weekend boy’s 🙏✌

Shelley Stewart

You had me at October 8 lol meow meow meow… also what came to mind was the theme to the Addams family and friends why because they were audience participation and no matter where you were everybody always snaps and or claps lol and of course sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name! Growing up a family favourite was the line hamster brain… can’t even remember what the commercial was for LMAOlol

Bill Boys

Hard to beat the Fab Four in Hamburg. I don’t know though, John on Speed? Sheesh. Maybe Steely Dan before they left NYC. Live at the Budokan for the surreality of the situation. Police in 80, I guess. I saw Billy Joel a couple of times when he actually had a real band with Stegmeyer and Liberty Devito and Richie Cannata, etc. . I’d like to go back and see that again. This is the one though…Robert Johnson the first time he uncovered the fact that disappearing for months paid off.

Bill Boys

Discovered Joel when I was in High School. That was the Stranger, then immediately got all the rest of his albums, including Cold Spring Harbor. Even bought the Hassles, Hour of the Wolf. After Glass Houses, I thought he was hit and miss, but a few very good songs, still. I’m very fond of Turnstiles and Piano man. Some tunes from him that I love include Stiletto, Ballad of Billy the Kid, Laura, Summer Highland falls (lyrical masterpiece), The Stranger, Vienna, goodnight Saigon, I Go To Extremes, Say Goodbye to Hollywood, Zanzibar, An Innocent Man, Until the Night, Scenes From an Italian Restaurant, Pressure, An Innocent Man, Sleeping with the The Television on, All for Leyna, Angry Young Man, Captain Jack and in my opinion, although I’ve never been to the Big Apple, I think New York State of mind may be the best song about NYC in existence and that’s saying something. Sorry for the length of this but to me there’s a distinction between the deeper tracks and the hits. He has a lot of awesome hits, but whenever I talk about him to someone, I like to point out that the really good stuff is rarely played on the air. People bash him because they only know the hits. He was influenced by McCartney and I think one of the main reasons, I love both of them is their melodies. I’m a sucker for a good melody with lots of pitch up and down. That’s one of the reasons, I like Elm Treason too.

Bill Boys

To follow your Duke Ellington or Billie Holliday theme. Hell yeah. Also Frank Sinatra. Maybe see the whole Rat Pack in Vegas. Entertainers, ya know? I would like to have been around when Muddy Waters electrified the Blues. And yeah…Ella or Billie. Man!

Bill Boys

Totally off the subject, but I’m listening to All Over Me and it just occurred to me that, as far as I am aware, near the beginning of the song, is the first time I’ve ever heard three part harmony with guitars. Lots of two part, but never three part. When the third guitar comes along it’s so beautiful.

Bill Boys

Again I digress from the thread to I say one last thing about Elm Treason. I have really gravitated lately to fork of my life. 3/4 and 6/8 times are like an electro magnet to something in my brain. It moves the song forward in a totally different way than 4/4 time. It’s something I can’t describe, but there is a certain vibe I feel when I can recognize it. . I’ve got to really love a song to even notice when I hear 3/4 time.

Here’s my short list: Songs I love and I’m conscious that are 3 beats per measure:
You’ve Got to Hide You’re Love away (In my top five of all Beatles songs)
Breathe (2am): Anna Nalick
Waltz #2 (xo): Eliot Smith
Kiss From a Rose: Seal
The Climb: No Doubt
Elm Treason: Fork of My Life

Here’s the kind of company Fork of My Life keeps by counting 3 beats per measure
The Times They are a Changin’: Bob Dylan
Dreams: Allman Brothers Band
Iris: Goo Goo Dolls
At Last: Etta James
Manic Depression: Jimi Hendrix
Come Away with Me: Nora Jones
Dazed and Confused: Written by Jake Holmes, cover by Led Zeppelin
Time is On My Side: Rolling Stones
Shadowboxer: Fiona Apple
Tuesday’s Gone: Lynyrd Skynyrd

Right now, I’d rather listen to Fork of My Life than any of these. It’s the one I’m enthusiastic about at this particular moment. The recording and production of the song took every advantage of the talents of both incredible musicians. And it’s just the two of you, doing all of that, more or less. Unless I’m missing something.

If so, Damn!

Last edited 2 years ago by Bill Boys
Bill Boys

Lynryd Skynyrd when they toured with the Who. Or the Who when they toured with Lynyrd Skynyrd. Either perspective.


That would be deadly 👌

Bill Boys


Michael Patterson

love the theme for Fish,thumping bass before the pop,would have liked to have seen The Mahavishnu Orchestra with Cobham, Hammer, Goodman and the recently departed Laird

Alan Seger

Mad magazine. I was a huge fan and collected every issue for many years. Not just the magazine but all of the books too. I have no memory of why these are not still in my possession. I wish I still had them.

Bill Boys

The fold out thing on the back. I couldn’t wait to put that together. It was always clever. Tommy Smothers, Steve Martin, Flip Wilson, George Carlin, Bill Murray, and Mad Magazine formed what’s left of my sense of humor.

Last edited 2 years ago by Bill Boys
Alan Seger

I wish I’d seen the Sugarcubes live. Strange band. Life’s Too Good is a great album I had forgotten about but had a listen to in headphones yesterday. I highly recommend this album.


So many arists i never seen top 5 would be Gary Moore, Nirvana, Beatles, Johnny Cash, Leadbelly Others are still around but the chance of seeing them in there prime would be deadly 😎. Some classical numbers from movies get my ear sometimes like the music from old western movies. Couple good examples could be The Good the bad and the ugly theme Extacy of gold i think its called Who doesn’t like that tune Or the one from the Braveheart movie Dont remember what its called

Bill Boys

Elm Treason’s 12 O’clock running sounds like they watched a few Spaghetti Westerns. They actually used castanets! Or at least something that sounds just like them. I’ve loved the Good the Bad and the Ugly theme since I was a little kid. Recently I watched A Few Dollars More and A Fistful of dollars. and I love the music on all of them. What a mood setter. Just looked it up. Ennio Morricone was the composer for all of those Westerns. Might have to check out those soundtracks.

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John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd with Aretha Franklin on the set of “The Blues Brothers.”

Jimi Hendrix getting his hair tweaked while digging an issue of MAD MAGAZINE.


Outdoor jamming, Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania , August 2015


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