SEPTEMBER 17, 2021

“Bare Tones” Update

Big news!

(If you’ve got a drumroll handy, insert it here!)

Pretty much all merch has been decided upon for our “BARE TONES” XMAS release. We’ve got t-shirts, buttons, stickers, postcards (and more)… plus there will be DVDs, Blurays, CDs and vinyl versions of the music available. (Yes, digital downloads, too).

The plan is to have these goodies ready for the holidays. We’ve been working on this project almost nonstop for months now, and we can’t WAIT to share the finished product with you! (Cue the drool).

This is too exciting! An actual LIVE ELM TREASON album! 

Our plan is to launch a special and exclusive XMAS PRE-ORDER SALE where all kinds of different “BARE TONES” bundles will be available at deliciously discounted prices! 

Lots of info forthcoming.  Stay tuned!

We LOVE album artwork! How ’bout you?

This is something that is so subjective (deliciously, so) that it almost always makes for outstanding discussion. (We LOVE audience participation!)

Remember album artwork? Holding the cover in your hand? Devouring it while the music played? Even CD artwork, compact as it was, was still a BLAST to go through while you ingested the tunes.

If you had to pick maybe one or three favorite album covers – and we mean of all-time – what would you pick? What do you think? Let us know!

(The graphic we’re using here is NOT exhaustive. Not even close).

Do You Play?

We’re curious.

Do you play an instrument? Any? At all? 

We don’t necessarily care how “good” you are, or even how long you’ve been playing (although feel free to tell us). 

Do you write? Lyrics? Songs? Draw? Paint? 

Tell us about your creative side. We’d love to hear about it.

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Michael Patterson

Started as a drummer, switched to guitar and mandolin. At this time I’m playing electric mandolin, it’s a gas playing as the tuning is backwards from the guitar.

Shelley Stewart

Oh I have been waiting for this album cover question… being an artistic person I am still sad to say that I recall very few album covers except those that just had the band name on it! But my favourite that I do remember is diamond dogs! As a matter of fact I will have two albums framed and hanging on my wall the voice of treason and diamond dogs will send a pic when they’re done and yes they will be together. Here is a great one that I love for its word play Steve Miller‘s Let your hair down! Not sure if I should describe it or have you look it up yourself if you cannot find it let me know and I will describe I think you’ll get a knee slapping chuckle from it!
I sort of play acoustic guitar lol learned and mainly played in days gone bye for my campers and then just play for pleasure and to unwind for myself. now I play a mean air piano and collect instruments from the different countries that I travel so at any time I might pick up castanets Bungo’s a shaman rattle or my shaker egg from Woodstock and my drumsticks from Sammy Hagar‘s bar in Cabo San Lucas also get frequent play at shells concert and dance party🎸😘

Kris carpenter

I play drums and sing. I am also the lyricist for my band. We are currently a 2 piece with me and my guitarist, he also sings. I’ve been a drummer since I was 13(20 years now, damn) but picked up singing out of necessity around 6 years back. Lyrics are just things I’ve always needed to write. If not for a song then they become “poems” that are just waiting for the right riff. As far as album covers, the first one to ever catch my eye was the Godsmack self titled album with the pierced up girl on the front. Or the Adema self titled that had a different rocker chick on the front. I got a type it seems.

Mark Caro

Excited for the upcoming live sessions!
I bet you guys put some hard work and love into this project.
As to the question for our participation,
I delved into stage acting ,did some community theater.
Music, though, is what I spent more time on. Learned the guitar which lead to drums and bass. I enjoy writing songs.

Dennis Downing

All the above except paint. Been playing bass along along time.

Shelley Stewart

Forgot to mention that I cannot wait for you to bring on those bundles boys insert hands rubbing together in anticipation! Also wrote some lyrics for a friend to put music to and record in her studio unfortunately Angela and her husband both passed away before it could be completed. I have written a book for a course for my masters in education and I’m now currently working on another book it might be too arrogant to call it my memoirs but it is my story written in a Irma Bombeck style as I do not take myself seriously lol

Alan Seger

As you already know, I play guitar. However, most of the music I have written was point-and-click midi stuff. Some of my best material was written by banging out a rhythm on a keyboard with not much thought about the notes. Then I look for random happy accidents and, like a sculptor, I will erase any bad notes and add notes as required. This method keeps me from falling into patterns limited to what my fingers are used to doing.

Alan Seger

Favourite album art? Anything by Roger Dean. As simple as it is, I really like the Close To The Edge cover. I really like Alice Cooper’s Killer, The Beatles – Revolver, Jethro Tull – Thick As A Brick, Jeff Beck – Wired, Iggy and the Stooges – Raw Power, ELP – Brain Salad Surgery. There are many more but these are the ones that popped into my head right now.

Alan Seger

Regarding the, “Remember When…” topic, I was a free-range kid. Rarely did my parents know where I was. When I was 11, a couple of buddies and I took the subway to the CNE (Canadian National Exhibition) by ourselves without any parental instruction on how to get there. We stayed until closing time which was about 10 pm if I remember correctly.

We walked to school and back uphill both ways in bare feet on broken glass under 3 feet of snow without a helmet. On the few rare occasions when a parent would drive you to school, we made them drop us off where no one could see. Now there is no shame and parents in SUVs line up to pick up their kids.

I remember when we lived our days outside. As a courier, I delivered to residential neighbourhoods all the time and it’s like the Twilight Zone now. Even on the most beautiful days in the summer, it is rare to see kids playing outside anymore. It’s like a ghost town. (I’m talking about pre-covid when there was no excuse.)

My nephew rarely leaves the house. I once told him he should be outside getting high with his friends at a field party. He’s never been to a concert and he’s almost 20.

I have to go now to watch some clips of Dana Carvey as Grumpy Old Man.

Shelley Stewart

Hey Al that CNE story is wild and crazy! Being from Saint Catherine’s and doing the train trip to the exhibition I can only imagine the adventure! Great advice to your nephew I told my sister that if my niece and nephew we are couch potatoes that I would not buy them DVDs or video games! Lucky for them they were active outdoor children but even though living in Grimsby they never walked or rode there bike to school they got a ride or took a bus? At the age of seven I walked by myself through an orchard and uphill barefoot lol to school every day! So I so Gacha and that last comment made me LLL

Charles Wiser

NO music skills at all. My love is all on the appreciation side. I bought ELO “Out of the Blue” because it had the gatefold cover art of that huge spaceship=SOLD. Thanks for the newsletter. Always fun.

Shirley Mason

Album cover Woodes Crystal ball.
Me- i draw, i write lyrics, i help produce music, play percussion, bit of piano,backing vocals, help with promotion material/ ideas for muso’s starting out. Father proffesional muso when he was alive. You guys know me anyway haha.

Shirley Mason

Also excited for new music bundles coming out .

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