An Elm Treason Birthday!

Sunday the 5th is the birthday of Elm Treason’s own Andy Roman.

It’s the next in a long line of 25th birthdays he’s been celebrating for years now. 

Songwriter, guitarist, percussionist, bassist, vocalist and intravenus coffe guzzler… Hoping for many more. 🙂

Band update? Anything good?

Mixing, mixing, mixing…. and more mixing… Did we mention mixing?

Yes, we are preparing audio mixes for our next album “BARE TONES.” (You’d think two guitars and vocals would be a snap, right? Ahh, silly us. We are but fools in a grander game…) 

Video editing for the DVD and Bluray starts in earnest next week.

Also… preparing all the extra goodies we have planned for this release … designing t-shirts, buttons, stickers, etc… It’s amazing how much time this stuff takes.

That’s what was happening in Elmville.

Birth Names anyone?

Your Input: Best Band Logo?

Really really really hard to pick one. MANY classics. But DAMN, the Stones’ logo is outstanding. No words necessary there. Just a tongue. Kinda cool. Thoughts?

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Joe Hrozencik

I like the Zeppelin one,and Deep Purple… They’re all good,really!!

Shelley Stewart

The words to this song are absolutely phenomenal a complete verbal masterpiece! I absolutely love how you have taken well known common phrases and thoughts of consciousness and shown the contradictions of our world and I have to admit the last line always makes me giggle.
Sorry for being redundant but it is important to know that I have been totally blind for 30 years and lost my site at the age of 27. Why because although my visual memory of photographs paintings peoples faces and places that I have been is still very clear to me yet I have been a music lover since I was a toddler and I am ashamed to say that I paid very little attention to graphics. So I can recall very few album covers and even less band logos yet the Rolling Stones logo stays fixed in my mind this might be because I have always loved that band and it is an awesome logo. Luckily I now have a friend who is extremely motivated by graphics and I also know what I like so I have to say that the elm trees and logo is fabulous so much so that it shares my morning coffee my evening beverages and can be worn on my person Winter spring summer or fall! As a matter of fact the album album cover to rhyme and treason will be making its public debut on my T-shirt this Saturday as I am hopefully spending the afternoon sitting on a patio listening to some blues!
Most important message of all a happy happy happy birthday to you Andy! I hope that it is a day filled with sunshine smiles music and of course some puppy love from Max! I will be raising my elm trees and mug to you at midnight and wishing for many more years with you on this planet and elm trees and to fill our soul! 🍻

Mark Caro

Happy birthday Andy!!

John Thomas

Happy Birthday Andy

Shirley Mason

Happy birthday Andy!
Band logo’s, love them all.
Really enjoying the news letters and look forward to them every week, cant wait for new album coming.

Michael Patterson

You forgot Yes,designed by Roger Dean…

Alan Seger

Happy Birthday, Andy! I am still enjoying my birthday since the 1st of Septembuary. I actually saw a live band on a patio for the first time since “the thing.” Just a bar band of old guys like me covering all the standard bar band repertoire but it was nice to see the live thing. One guy in the band had a 1952 Strat and I showed him a photo of my 1949 Gibson during the break. Old guys talking music gear, you gotta love it (if you are one of them, lol.)

Alan Seger

Missing from the list of real names of rockers: Reginald Dwight.

Alan Seger

I just noticed that you posted Having It All Ways on YouTube on my birthday. Nice! 

Joe M

Happy birthday, Andy!!!!
I would say that my favorite logos shown are zeppelin and the dead but they are all pretty awesome 😎
Hope you guys have a great week!

A Personal New York Memory

Feeling a tad nostalgic for the New York we used to know. A shot of Shea Stadium in the foreground with the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center way off in the background. Both no longer exist. 🙁


Last week, we shared our first music video from our brand new STUDIO ALBUM (The Voice of Treason) called “GRINS OF NOTHING”

We hope you dug it.

Now we share the first lyric video from THE VOICE OF TREASON, a song called “(Having It) All Ways.”


(And please, feel free to leave comments).


Outdoor jammin’ in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania – August, 2015


How many remember THIS classic tag line: “Is it LIVE or is it Memorex?” We were just kids, but it STILL resonates!



From the “UGGGH” file… but funny, still..


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