April 23, 2021

Not Really Sure What We’re Doing Yet, But…..

Thanks so much for subscribing to what we hope will be a fun experience for everyone…. as opposed to, say, a drag. “Oh no, that that thing again…”

Our intent is on sending you a weekly, CONCISE update on what’s happening with the band, as well as other things we hope to get going soon – and we’re wanting it to be an interactive thing, too… Like, for instance, weekly input from you on interesting Facebook page topics… exclusive behind-the-scenes content available nowhere else… maybe even some free music now and again….. 

So, thanks a billion…. Appreciate you being here. Here we go. (It’ll get better as we go. Promise!)

And yes, rock onward!

An Elm Treason Live Concert Video?

Could be. Sort of. In a way…

Late last month, Elm Treason recorded what amounts to a complete live set. It was captured using HQ video and audio gear in the basement of Andy’s brother’s house. Three cameras, four mics and 16 songs. 

The goal is to create a video and audio companion set of the entire session, showing the band doing what it does as a two-man live band. It was a pretty spirited performance – including four songs off the yet-to-be-released new album “The Voice of Treason.”

More details are coming soon. (This is newsletter exclusive at this time. 🙂 )

Our New Album FREE – Last Chance

Many of you have already jumped all over this. (Thank you sincerely!) But quite a few haven’t yet. 

We can’t help but wonder why. Hmmmm…. We are LITERALLY giving our new (yet-to-be-released) album away for FREE. Why isn’t everyone who says they dig what we do not jumping at this? 

THE VOICE OF TREASON” is the most ambitious and exciting work we’ve ever done… and we literally want you to have it, to know it, to (hopefully) love it.

We spent months setting up a really cool experience we call “The Journey.” It’s like a 10-day listening party that costs you nothing (except a little time)… and you get all ten tracks on the new album….. FREE!

If you haven’t done so yet, this is the LAST CHANCE. We’ve already taken down the invite from FACEBOOK. 

You guys are the last ones.

Interested? Check it out —–> The VOICE OF TREASON ALBUM JOURNEY

Not interested? We STILL love you….. tons!

Texas Treason?

Andy and Bobby in The Lone Star State? 

Can a couple of Big Apple guitar pickers  make it there?

Well, it’s not a permanent thing (and sadly, it isn’t a tour or a gig situation)… but family circumstances will bring both of the Elm boys to Texas in July….. and chances are EXCELLENT that a music video shoot as well as a live jam (which will be recorded) will be in the cards.


Bobby and Andy, Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, July 2017


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