AUGUST 20, 2021

Open Thread

Last week, we announced the name of our upcoming live unplugged album, hoping to get some feedback on it.

No one commented on it.

Oh, well. You never know.

So, this week, we thought we’d leave it all open to you … A free-for-all. 

Any comments you have on anything you’d like to share, please do so in the comments section. Vent. Express. Let it all hang out.

Whatever you’d like.

On any subject.  It’s an OPEN THREAD.  

Any questions? Beefs? Links? Recipes? Favorite Colors? Jokes? Anything at all? 

It’s all yours. We will respond to all of it. 🙂

Have at it! Have fun.

A Light week

Not much to report on the band front. Mixing the live album. Artwork design, yadda, yadda.

Currently, trying to get more ears on our brand new studio album “THE VOICE OF TREASON.” Deep into heavy promotion now.  

Your Input: Open Road Time!

You are in your set of wheels. This is what you see through your windshield. What’s the FIRST tune you play?

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How about ‘Open Treason’ for your live album?

Chris Roman

I, for one, love the name of the new live project! This was something I was glad to be a part of. This is one of the coolest things you guys have done. I am not just saying that.

As far as anything else? I love specially prepared foods. Loads of spices and blends.

Christopher Stetson

Im looking forward to live album,very surprised no one commented also sorry i didnt myself…
Im still absorbing the 4 cds i bought 2months ago…still in awe of your style &rare unique sound,it’s a great mix of old and new with a blues & rock..
Best sounding group I’ve heard in years.
I put you on a pedestal with the greats like Pink Floyd,B.B. king,Beatles…
I also consider you friends..
I wish you brothers the best of luck👊✌

Ted Koch

Going down the road feelin’ bad…

Gloria D

First let me say, I can’t wait for the LIVE album!! I don’t always comment on these, but as you know, I am pretty active on Facebook.

Second, make the hair a little more red on Jim Morrison in the age pic, and he looks a lot like Van Morrison…

I am getting ready to go on a road trip to Ft. Worth, Texas from Wichita, Kansas. It will be my 3 year old Granddaughter’s first time on a trip. I will probably be listening to a TON of Disney songs!!! Truthfully, I enjoy a lot of them 😉 When I travel alone my mood defines my choices. But I prefer to Rock Out to 60’s and 70’s Classics. Sometimes I like the more Bubble Gum stuff from 1963!!
And sometimes I listen to Christian Contemporary or Christian Rock. Old School Audio Adrenaline and Old School Newsboys. Sometimes a little Thousand Foot Krutch!!!

Shelley Stewart

Open forum well you asked for it lol first of all a shout out to Chris Stetson for buying their for albums. My elm trees and journey is one of my wow moments randomly heard the song days of reaction on FB and wanted to have it could not find it on any streaming platform so went to their site. It is one of those random moments when I am glad that my screen reader does not read everything as I could not find the single or any Tracklistings so I thought what the hell and bought the whole box sucked best decision I ever made! I have been trying to turn my friends onto that band playing certain tracks that I think might interest them. My friend Harry is the hardest nut to crack but I have been able to slowly introduced him to the fact that there has been music since the 70s lol last weekend I sat him down and made him sign up for the elm trees and journey! To my surprise as he was doing this he came across the T BT song honey feet and he was so digging it that he sent it to his acoustic playing friend way out in Edmonton now this is a song that I would k not think to play for him! But he was so digging it that he sent it to his musician friend who loves the acoustic guitar out in Edmonton he spent the whole evening doing and I am over the guitar in that song what have I been rambling about for two years who knew lol
So a guy walks into a bar carrying a piece of concrete he walks up to the bar and says I’ll have a beer and one for the road insert loud groan while knee slapping🤣🤣

Shelley Stewart

Not sure what the picture is but my road tripping songs always seem to change today what comes to mind is into the mystic van Morrison or Colin James followed bye ride ride ride by Jeremy Benjamin👋🏻

Dennis Downing

As far as the pic of the highway goes I pick Born to be Wild. Now on to the new live album still thinking.How much time do I get? More important when can I buy it for my collection.

Michael Patterson

Highway Star




first tune i would play, today would be White Rhythm and Blues, JD Souther, yesterday was anything by The Pretenders.
But for some reason, also Bye, Bye Love Ricky Nelson


Live album be deadly Way to go Cant wait 👌On the road again and Born to be wild is my go two too road trip tunes Soon as we set off I start crowing those tunes guaranteed 😂

John Thomas

Live Album? Sap to Amber
Song for a long straight road? Anthem, Hello America, What I know so Far.

Al Seger

It used to would-have-been Highway Star or Radar Love or Release Release but now that I’m retired and calm I’ll just have me some Space Cowboy from the Joker. ’cause I speak of the pompetous of love. I’ll take a side of Uptown Q with that as well

Jake Lucas

Hi guys happy Wednesday! How about “One take Treason” or “No Do overs” for the live album?
Given that your style is already “unplugged”, have you ever thought of going the other way and releasing an all electric Treason album?

What might have been

Ever wonder what some of the greatest rock and roll legends might have looked like had they not left this world as early as they did?

Thanks to modern technology, a company called Sachs Media Group, along with a Michigan-based photo restoration company Phojoe, have teamed up to help us find out.



This week, we’re sharing with you the earliest clip we have of us being Elm Treason. 

It’s from February, 2013.

It’s a 40 second snippet of us working out our song STILL AROUND.

Wiping away the dust on this relic.


From the VERY EARLY DAYS – before we reinvented ourselves acoustically – during writing sessions for our first (electric) album – February, 2013


Here’s a brand name from the past that took a serious hit.


Yep. Wondering ourselves….


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