AUGUST 6, 2021

** With a Little Help From our Friends!**

We’ve talked quite a bit about our next band project – a LIVE album featuring just the two of us jamming our entire set on two acoustic guitars. We anticipate there being 16 total songs.

The performance was recorded professionally.

The idea is to release it not only as a CD, but as a double vinyl album, a DVD, and a BluRay. (You’ll recall we previewed our song “UPTOWN Q” last week in this newsletter from those sessions).

We want to have all of this ready for the Christmas season.

Our plan is to offer pre-ordering for this release very soon.

In a way, this will serve as a kind of “crowdfunding” exercise in the hope of being able to raise enough funds to cover our costs for creating all this. 

Our intention is to offer all kinds of special pre-order packages at greatly discounted prices to all of you who participate – everything from just a single CD to Big Bundles that include everything we’re offering (t-shirts, buttons, exclusive lifetime discounts to our store, etc)… All kinds of packages will be available in all kinds of price ranges.

Bobby and I (Andy) love doing what we do, but in order for us to keep going at this level, we do have to try and raise money now and again. This Christmas pre-order campaign for what is easily our most ambitious project yet is the best way  to try and recoup some of our costs. 

So many of you expressed deep interest in a project like this from us. We responded.

Of course, we only move forward believing we are offering a quality product we are not ashamed to put the Elm Treason name on.

You deserve nothing less than our very best efforts.

Any and all support we can muster will always be appreciated.

We have created all kinds of cool, unique items to offer to you. We will clue you in on more of the details in the coming weeks.

We hope you are excited about all of this as we are.

Please let us know what you think in the comments section or via email.

Your Input: There’s a bathroom on the right

This is always fun one… favorite misheard lyrics.

One of ours is from the Beatles song “Michelle.” In place of the line “Sont les mots qui vont tres bien ensemble,” we hear “Sunday monkeys won’t play piano songs.

So many.

What say you? Share as many as you love… 

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John Thomas

“Well its, 8 O’clock in Boy Sea I Dont Know”
(From a guy I knew in the Army)

Chuck Wiser

This is a fabulous idea. I would be interested in supporting it in anyway I can.

John Thomas

So what’s the plan on this live album?

Chuck Wiser

Ok, the commercial? Fabulous! I’m gonna start hearing that when I get on my motorcycle.

Chuck Wiser

You guys are the newest “thing” going around the police station. What a funny story, and I’m super glad to hear he followed up to watch.


I hope that enough people will get behind this exciting project we have spent months planning. Folks this is the holy grail of Elm Treason. We seriously can’t do it without your financial support. But we promise it will be MORE than worth it. You’d be hard pressed to find quality with such great deals anywhere else. C’mon where’s the LOVE that Elm Treason fans are FAMOUS for? The BEST is yet to come! And a little bit of good ol’ fashioned teamwork is all that’s needed. What have you got to lose?


Are you WITH us people? Can we COUNT on your support? We got AWESOME stuff for you. Just say when….

Ellen Hakala

That was a good Texas yarn Andy it gave me a real chuckle to imagine what was going on and I am good at that…The policeman sounds like he was a real good sport and you can count me in fellas come on down people we have a deal of a life time….

Joe Hrozencik

Jimmi Hendrix, scuse me while I kiss this guy.Credence, there’s a bathroom on the right. Blinded by the light, crept up like a douche,you know the runner in the night.

Rock Stars with their parents

Frank Zappa with his mom and dad, Rosemarie and Francis.

Elton John with his mom, Sheila and stepdad, Fred.

Grace Slick with mother, Virginia, and daughter, China.

Universal Truth


Way back in the day, before we even established our acoustic creds (when we were still “plugged in”),  one of our songs was chosen to be the theme for a car commercial.

It scored us a tasty amount of money and wound up paying for the guitars we use today.

It’s contains a thirty second snippet of an early unreleased “electric” version of the song “With You” (which appears on our first album).

Dig it! From a billion year ago…


Deep in the heart of Texas… a couple of New Yorkers bangin’ axes – July, 2021


The first VCR to use VHS technology was the JVC HR-3300, available to the publuc for the first time on October 31, 1976 in Japan.  It cost $1400 in 1977 dollars (over $6000 in today’s currency).


Hear, hear!


Sometimes, a run in with the law can have unexpected consequences.  

Andy writes about an incident that occured during the band’s recent visit to Texas.

Check it out here  –> READ ME


– Booby talks about gettin’ PERCUSSIVE!

– Ready for ANOTHER LIVE ALBUM sneak preview?

– Your Input: Changing the Station!


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