JULY 30, 2021

69 Seconds with Bobby

Bobby talks about he band’s sound..and why it matters to him.

More Info on our upcoming LIVE ALBUM

In this edition of GROOVY NOODLES, we’re giving an absolutely exclusive look at the live album we’re planning on releasing around Christmas with a performance of “Uptown Q” from our soon-to-be-released fourth studio album THE VOICE OF TREASON. 

The video gives you an idea of how the “movie” will look when done… and the audio gives a taste of how the album will sound… Barebones, honest, straight-forward.

16 total songs.

Thanks to your feedback, we have decided that if we are able to release this album on vinyl, it will be a double album (it comes down to whether or not we can get the records pressed in time. Most places we checked with are on a six-month to one year delivery schedule. We’re still looking).

Based on your input, we decided a two-record set inclusive of all the material is the best way to go.

This will be a very exciting release – CDs, vinyl (hopefully), downloads, DVDs, BluRays, 4K video…

Anyone still do cassettes? (That’s still an option, too).

Your Input: Great Song from “Meh” Band

We’d love to hear from you on this, putting a little twist on last week’s question to you… 

Name a song you love from an artist you don’t. We probably have ONE song we like from an artist we otherwise don’t care for.

This could be fun. 

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Christopher Stetson

Love Groovy Noodles…
Enjoyed Bobby’s outlook on band and i totally agree.look forward to next issue.
Have a great safe weekend✌

Shelley Stewart

Ripples,Genesis A funny sidenote on this song as a teen of course we listened to the album trick of the tail and I fell in love with that song but other than having to listen to their singles on the radio had no use for the band… fast forward 40 years and I want to buy that single on iTunes and I cannot for the life of me think of its name and when looking it up found out that it is the most listened to on Spotify or Apple at Cetera! Who knew?

Dennis Downing

Just let me know when I can be one of the first to buy your new music. I can’t wait

Kris carpenter

So I grew up in the 90s into 2000s and I feel like rock/pop in that era was full of shit bands with one great song, so it’s hard to pick one….but maybe the “butterfly” song from the band crazy town. That band sux big ones. But that song is a fukn banger.


No Diggity… Dr Dre…… I’m a middle aged white chick, but I freaking love that song

Mark Caro

I’m not too crazy for Dire Straights, though I give it up for their musicianship, Knoffler in particular, but I love that song,
“So far away from me.”

Alan Seger

Radar Love – Golden Earring. None of their other tunes did it for me.

Joe M

Greetings my Elmishly treasonous friends 🙂
Once again another great question!!
I’m a classical music freak but I don’t really care for Mussorgsky yet Night on Bald Mountain I love!
I love Karma Chameleon but not a culture club fan.
Not a Poison fan but Something to Believe In is pretty cool
Can’t stand blink 182 but I like Miss You.

Have a great week!!!

Joe Zwifalt

Thank you!!! As you know, I play a lot with my kids and have covered songs from bands/artists that I usually don’t listened to.. but I like to cover them :I think, for me, Its the song, and not necessary the artist……do I like it?
*Queues Simple Mind’s Don’t You *

Jake Lucas

I’d say Bobby very much succeeded in wanting his own sound. You guys are the most unique band I’ve heard. Can’t wait for the upcoming album. I didn’t realize you had 3 albums out, I have 2, I NEED the one I’m missing. 😀✌

Eminem, Lose yourself. Not a fan of his work but love that song.

April awesomeness Haller

Never a big fan of police, probably because every song they did sounded the same. But I love fields of barley by sting.

Joe Hrozencik

I am not a Bruce Springsteen fan,but I do love the song the river. Its very moody and somewhat depressing,but there’s a really cool,heavy overwhelming vibe about it. It gets to me in some way.

Cool pics!

Polaroid of Jimi Hendrix taken at Woodstock.

Arguably the greatest meeting ever? Colonel Sanders and Alice Cooper?? Yes, there IS a god.

Then and Now


A GROOVY NOODLES exclusive video sneak peak!

As you may or may not know, we recorded an entire ELM TREASON live set a few months back . It was professionally shot and mic’d.

Our goal? 

To put out a live album and video release for Christmas.

We post a video every Thursday on our Facebook page of us doing our “two-man thing” (usually us rehearsing into a camcorder), so we decided to take the next logical step.

We wanted to fufill the requests of almost all of you – namely, to put out a record that best represents what Bobby and I (Andy) do when it is just the two of us jamming – and actually do it right, properly recorded and mixed!

The future CD/DVD/BluRay/4K audio/video release will consist of 16 total songs.

Here, for newsletter people ONLY, here is a taste. We are running through a song on our upcoming 4th album THE VOICE OF TREASON album called “Uptown Q.” Bluesy, smooth, alternating guitar solos, a tempo change – and a taste of old New York. Enjoy!


Guitars loacked and loaded, North Shore of Staten Island. New York  – August, 2019


A deliciously CLASSIC cassette ad – a “WONDER”ful flashback to the days of “wider dynamic range” and “far less distortion.”


Another knee-slapper at the expense of the accordion.  (Accordion enthusiasts, please don’t send hate mail).


– Andy writes about the band’s brush with a Texas cop.

– The car commercial we did that paid for our guitars.

– Your Input: Your favorite misheard lyric ever.


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