JULY 9, 2021

We had an AMAZING time in Texas. Some seriously cool memories were made. Sadly, we did not play any gigs… but we DID have a LIve Facebook event on the 6th.

Treason doing The Alamo

A few pics of the band visiting the Alamo in San Antonio during our Texas excursion!

Facebook Live… Texas Style!

Bobby sported a new cowboy hat while Andy showed a little Lone Star love on his t-shirt during the Facebook Live Show. What a blast it was! HUGE THANKS to everyone who could stop in and check it out.


Here’s a link to a brand new IMPROVED AUDIO version of the show. We were able to solve the “low volume” issue.  


**NOTE** – We SINCERELY appreciate all the requests we received during the show – songs like “Fork of My Life” and “Lilah” and “Firefly” (to name a few)… We promise we weren’t ignoring you. Time was so limited and we only had a short window to quickly rehearse a few before going live.

Next time, we will try to accomodate more requests. Thank you!


This’ll be fun… Time for YOUR voice!

What was the song … or album … or band … that TRIGGERED your love of music? Have at it! 

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Sam Nardi

I’ve been influenced by so many great artists but if I had to pick one, Elvis Presley. My Grandmother was a huge fan and I grew up singing his songs through a vacuum cleaner pipe. Lol!!🤘🎶

Nancy Norris

I can’t name a song or band, rather that my parents and older siblings loved many different types of music, so I was exposed early to a wide variety. And as I got older, I branched out even further. I can honestly say I listen to everything!
Ya never know what you will enjoy, until you try it! And that’s how I found Elm Treason, on FB, by trying a song and liking the band! So, Thank You Guys! 🥰

Alan Seger

Andy, your story about wanting to be a songwriter definitely resonates with me. It also reminded me to get back to writing my book about my history of music from a fan’s perspective. I remember hearing School’s Out and I was bitten by the bug. “Mom! I NEED an electric guitar!” My mom rules! I bought a guitar and amp from Sears for $179.99. It sucked but I didn’t know any better yet.

Joe M

The fb live show was amazing! My son, who is a thrash metal bassist for the touring band Crypitus, joined me and we jammed along. We had a blast!

The album that got me into music was Cash’s live at San Quentin when I was 4. It was my dad’s album. I used to sit at the record player listening to it while staring at the cover. It changed my life.
I started playing music at age 5 on the trumpet and drums…When I was 11, Led Zeppelin, specifically Page, inspired me to pickup a guitar for the first time… 44 years later, I still play daily. Thanks Jimmy! And thanks Bobby and Andy for the awesome show 🤘❤️

Kris Carpenter

The first band I heard that made me dedicate a lot of my time to being a “real drummer” was the band Flaw they were my first concert at 12 years old and I knew right then that I was gonna be playing on a stage at some point. Within 2 years I had a punk band and played my first live gig. I have seen Flaw at least 10 times since, And played countless times live on stage.(I even added singing lead to my skill set since then)

Martin Kyles

Tom Jones for me, he was mums favourite when I was a kid and he had his own TV show, I used to impersonate his moves and I knew all his songs just didnt have a voice lol.

Mark caro

Back when I was a wee lad, my parents literally introduced me to the Beatles with the, Meet the Beatles LP.
The song on the album that triggered me was “Little Child.” That started it all!


The Clash – The Clash

Joe Hrozencik

Led Zeppelin, dancing days. Heard it on a small transistor radio when I was 10. That song changed me 4ever!!

Shirley Mason

To many to name but my first love was my dads music, Dixie Land Jazz, classical and all genre of music, all time favourite Bowie


As a really young kid i was drawn to certain songs rather than bands few examples i remember Wild thing Troggs, Eye of the tiger 🤔 Yellow Submarine Beatles, Hard days Night Beatles Ain’t nothing but hound dog Elivs and Jailhouse rock Great balls of fire was another i remember liking dont recall the arist of that one either For the most part i stil like almost all those tracks 😁.

Saluting them songbird drummers!

From Levon Helm to Don Henley … From Ringo Starr to Dave Grohl … Not to mention Dave Clark, Karen Carpenter, Micky Dolenz, Sheila E, Kelly Keagy, on and on… the boys of Elm Treason salute you.

Cool Quotes


Lone Star Everything

In case you missed it – or would like to revisit – here is a sampling from our FACEBOOK LIVE event on July 6th.

Sitting on the sofa, here we are running through our song “EVERYTHING.”


Bobby and Andy during their very first TV appearance (“Horses Sing None of It” was the show).  April 2014


A print ad for an upcoming VANILLA FUDGE show on December 30, 1968 in Spokane, Washington. Note the little-known opening act – LED ZEFFLIN. 


Andy reflects on what “triggered” him into a life of music… perhaps it was an act of treason itself.

–> READ “The Strumming Turncoat” <–


Canyon dig it?


– First peak at some  brand new band photos.

– Andy writes about the John Lennon he admires.

– Your input:  Recommendations – There’s GOT to be great music being made today, no?

– Our new guitars…from Texas!



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