Day 9


How you be? So good to have you here. Welcome to Day Nine!

Some phrases are so obvious as to be seemingly etched in the very stone of existence. 

Everybody plays the fool sometimes” is one that comes to mind. 

Another one is “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” 

Yet another is “We’re not going to take it anymore.” (There are others, but we’ll keep it clean here).

Why did we choose those three? Would you believe they were chosen very deliberately? (Really guys?) There’s a kind of flow to them when read in that specific order. It’s the sequence of standing up for one’s self after laying down for so long. 


Sweetness, zest, seasoning, texture, color … whatever you call it, we love adding those little accents of zing to our songs. We dig mixing in a little extra lilt. Some are very subtle, others a bit more conspicuous –  but always very treasonous:


“This game is done. It’s done. All over. See, it’s so overdone…

Written by Andrew Roman and Robert Steel

Produced by Elm Treason

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Realm Tones Music

Today’s voice, much like the previously shared “TWELVE O’CLOCK RUNNING,” is ultimately about standing one’s ground. (Subject matter that never fails, right?). But this time, it isn’t against an evil entity or a band of roaming marauders looking for trouble. Rather, it’s about confronting one’s self, mustering the strength to not be someone’s stepping stone any longer. Check this :


(Listen now. Lay your ears on this!)




Well the snake could feign a dove and shake a faithful love, and they play that play so well.

Betrayal is a deep abyss that’s steeped in emptiness, and I confess that, yes I fell.

But this game is done. This game is done. It’s done. All over. See, it’s so overdone.

But I was the one. I was the one. The one who let you rock and roll all over me.

Well the con could play the part and don a Sunday heart. Don’t they line those lines up so fast? 

That trick Is quite a fitting tool to spite unwitting fools, but this ruse will be your last.

‘Cause this game is done. This game is done. It’s done. All over. See, it’s so overdone.

But you’re not the one. You’re not the one. The one who’s gonna rock and roll all over me.

It’s all over now. It’s all over now. Don’t pretend to me again. It’s the end. 

It’s all over now. It’s all over now. It’s all over now.


Bobby explains his approach to the “three-guitar-part” solo.

Andy breaks down the “fast riff” part of the song in studio.

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Yet another awesome song. Well done guys


Freaking magic!… this song is stellar✊🏻😂

Ruth Wirt

Pure gold. I’m blown away


Strings, strings, strings, percussion! It’s a symphonic masterpiece. I love my guitars and drums. And everything in between. No doubt. Solid lyrics, just, even going through run number two, I still wasn’t able to concentrate, or grasp and hang onto any sort of lines. Think it was sensory overload on the instrumentation? Maybe… (Which, did I already say, was brilliantly orchestrated?) I guess me and them lyrics just didn’t jive. Hard to explain. I like the writing? I didn’t like them in the song? Too many of them? Words, schmirds. I really didn’t care if it was all instrumental, it was that good. And, I’m not a strictly instrumental kinda girl. But, no matter. It is still leaps and bounds ahead of that other no.9 song. (I really dont like that one) All in all, this vinyl is solid, and I’m happy to own it, and have each and every one of these songs in my playlist. I might’ve heard, from a little birdie, that number 10 was on the fast track to be lighting up everyone’s number one slot.. .so, stay tuned, I know this is the one I’ve been waiting for! Tomorrow is THE day to be here, for the grand finale, and, open up the last drawer of pandora’s box. Great journey, boys. Take me along, any time. Ya girl repin the midwest, over here in central Missouri, wishing y’all~✌❤🤘


Funny thing about this song is the riff at the end was the first riff I wrote. I remember I was listening to JS Bach at the time and he has this technique where he takes a melody and runs it at different speeds and different keys all at the same time (show off). So i experimented with that by taking the original riff and playing it twice as slow and twice as fast. I slowed it down next , then sped it up. So in essence the song starts in the middle, next comes the end and it ends with the beginning. Now that’s about as jumbled up as the thoughts in my head. My middle eastern/Indian influence came out as well with the drums and percussion and drone like guitar. It’s also got a little hoedown in there too.
Change the strings on your air guitar and rock out!

Tim Smyth

All over me has the best harmony so far in the album in my humble opinion. The guitar overlaps really gel and when the drums kick in it is perfect. Question. How could you ever perform this live?

Ted Koch

I gotta tell ya… I have a cockatiel named Fred… He goes with me when I play farmers market… Fred totally dug this tune and added a lead whistle… He’s really good!!! And so is this tune!!! As are the others!!! When he starts singing… He found the key and the tone…and kept up for a couple minutes after… We dig it!!!

Michael Patterson

Another good tune, enjoy the back story, it gives added dimension, a sneak peak between time signatures. Shanti Bhais’


I Feel This Song, Deeply!
It’s very “I’m done. Go away.” in a good way! ☺️
Thank you guys for yet another great song!

Shirley Mason

Love this song , great lyrics too.

Kerry Sargeant

What an excellent example of how you two construct – tear apart = put back together better than new. I listen to this one twice and I guess listening to the others that you have given will be such much the same, thoroughly enjoying them.

Mark Caro

Did Yes and Rush have a baby?
Yet ,it’s Thee Elm Treason sound!
Love it man!
The more I listen, the better it gets!

Rick Pickett

Love the tempo break at the end, it gives a cleansing to the palate, like a coke after the shot!

Karen Klucas

You 2 are genious…
Every song has a FRESH SOUND to it. Just so amazing to be able to listen to new
Innovation of music…

Alice Sullivan

You guys are so amazing. You do blow me away. Knowing all these songs from growing up. You both have a way of creating magic that will carry us all into the New Year. The personal videos attached is what really brings it home. Thank you guys for the share. It’s never over though. Music will carry us wayward on. -refers to his ability to hear the voices of truth in his dreams, & he hears them repeating God’s message to him, that being, “Carry on my wayward son There’ll be peace when you are done Lay your weary head to rest Don’t you cry no more” as referred to earlier, & throughout reaffirming God’s instructions. “Masquerading as a man with a reason. I got carried away there. Didn’t want you to get the wrong definition of wayward. Thank you guys it is a master piece.

Teresa Glenn Tiller

Love the way you guys compliment each other! Another great song!!!

Vernon Piccolo

Beach boys met Spanish neighbors,cool,


The bit Andy does about breaking down the instruments (no offense Bobby your awesome) is such a great insight about how you come up with your sound. Damn only one day left! Thanks to both of you for sharing this incredible experience

Christopher Stetson

Absolutely awesome

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