Day 9


How you be? So good to have you here. Welcome to Day Nine!

Some phrases are so obvious as to be seemingly etched in the very stone of existence. 

Everybody plays the fool sometimes” is one that comes to mind. 

Another one is “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” 

Yet another is “We’re not going to take it anymore.” (There are others, but we’ll keep it clean here).

Why did we choose those three? Would you believe they were chosen very deliberately? (Really guys?) There’s a kind of flow to them when read in that specific order. It’s the sequence of standing up for one’s self after laying down for so long. 


Sweetness, zest, seasoning, texture, color … whatever you call it, we love adding those little accents of zing to our songs. We dig mixing in a little extra lilt. Some are very subtle, others a bit more conspicuous –  but always very treasonous:


“This game is done. It’s done. All over. See, it’s so overdone…

Written by Andrew Roman and Robert Steel

Produced by Elm Treason

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Realm Tones Music

Today’s voice, much like the previously shared “TWELVE O’CLOCK RUNNING,” is ultimately about standing one’s ground. (Subject matter that never fails, right?). But this time, it isn’t against an evil entity or a band of roaming marauders looking for trouble. Rather, it’s about confronting one’s self, mustering the strength to not be someone’s stepping stone any longer. Check this :


(Listen now. Lay your ears on this!)




Well the snake could feign a dove and shake a faithful love, and they play that play so well.

Betrayal is a deep abyss that’s steeped in emptiness, and I confess that, yes I fell.

But this game is done. This game is done. It’s done. All over. See, it’s so overdone.

But I was the one. I was the one. The one who let you rock and roll all over me.

Well the con could play the part and don a Sunday heart. Don’t they line those lines up so fast? 

That trick Is quite a fitting tool to spite unwitting fools, but this ruse will be your last.

‘Cause this game is done. This game is done. It’s done. All over. See, it’s so overdone.

But you’re not the one. You’re not the one. The one who’s gonna rock and roll all over me.

It’s all over now. It’s all over now. Don’t pretend to me again. It’s the end. 

It’s all over now. It’s all over now. It’s all over now.


Bobby explains his approach to the “three-guitar-part” solo.

Andy breaks down the “fast riff” part of the song in studio.

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Ellen Hakala

Well fellas what can I say but man I just loved that song.. That was a real catchy footing tapping tune…I really loved the start, it kind of almost sounded like my belly dancing music middle eastern …Good one fellas its aiming up to be one hell of a album.

Craig Hecht

Geez…. like I said before, you guys are on your way to creating your own genre of music that no one can classify or pigeon-hole. Kashmir meets Rush with CSN&Y harmonies? Coming right up! LOL! The main riff reminds me of one of my favorite licks of all time, Heaven On Their Minds from Jesus Christ Superstar. Can’t go wrong with that! You guys do the same thing with your music that I do with my own, that mashing up of colors or flavors that really shouldn’t work on paper, yet you WILL them to work. That’s talent gentlemen, and you have it in spades. Rock On.

Charles Wiser

The long intro is engaging, it made me wonder where it was going. This could well have been “dirge” material, but you gave it a more positive energy with the music. Great riffs, and the “breaking it down” is very very helpful. Also felt a little beatnik with the (were they?) bongos? I am so looking forward to cranking these tunes on a real stereo, this is the most music I’ve listened to on my computer speakers.

Last edited 3 years ago by Charles Wiser
Vincent Peteroy

Bravo bravo 👏🏻
Fantastic piece !!
Great way to finish strong
So proud to be your friend
I wish you both nothing but success…..God bless you 🙏🏻


Once again Bobby “Fingers of” Steel kills it with his awesome high speed fingering and cool guitar riffs. Great lyrics too! I have thoroughly enjoyed this musical journey so far and all the behind the scenes footage. One other thing I would like to add; I love Elm Treason the band. I love Elm Treason the music. I love Elm Treason the human beings. You guys are so genuine and unique that it makes this Elm Treason fan feel like we’re all family here. Thanks for the ride! I think this album is you’re best yet! Can’t wait to see what the future hold for you. All the best, my friends. All the best!

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