Day 8


Day Eight is here! Once again, many many thanks for coming along on this ride with us.

The concept of playing “the hero” has, indeed, changed over time. (And how). The “black hat” versus “white hat” scenario, while effectively ageless and timeless, has, too, evolved.

Without question, the “good” and the “bad,” as we define them in our world, can prove quite subjective… Yet the idea of standing one’s ground, regardless of what is being “stood up for,” has pretty much remained consistent.

“Be resolute!” “Stay firm!” “Don’t Give up on what you believe!” These things still mean something.

Additionally, a delicious context can help reinforce the passion behind this show of determination. Yes, indeed…we all have our tumbleweeds, waddies, hoosegows and varmints to deal with.


Before we take you to today’s showdown, dig this… Sometimes, we find ourselves overwhelmed by the insatiable drive to capture a musical idea. (This song was just such an instance). When that happens, it must somehow be preserved before it is forgotten. In those instances where the needed instrument is not available, we find alternative methods of expression:


“Just take it in hand and raise it to the sky and drink to me one more glass of wine

Written by Andrew Roman and Robert Steel

Produced by Elm Treason

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Realm Tones Music

A guitar-driven gallop that rolls with its musical boots on. A bit of the Old west? Check. A bit of hard rock? Check. Riffs? Harmonies? A driving rhythm? A kickin’ solo? Check times four. The train is arriving right on time. Time to stand up, keep firm and check this one out:


(Listen now. Roll with it!)


The twelve o’ clock keeps running, gunning along the line. Oh, rain, shine, right on time.

Her wheels stop for nothing. How many here will show? Oh, sun sets, it’s me, alone.

And should it be it’s them instead of me, just take it in hand and raise it to the sky 

and drink to me one more glass of wine.

The twelve o’ clock is coming among the willows, ride. Oh, could be it is my time.

She’s here, bold and stunning, my two feet on the ground. Oh, there ain’t no backing down.

And should it be it’s them instead of me, just take it in hand and raise it to the sky

and drink to me one more glass of wine.

Caught between the clock and a hard place, but like the clock, I’ve got time on my hands

and I can’t lose face. I can’t lose face.

And should it be it’s them instead of me, just take it in hand and raise it to the sky

and drink to me one more glass of wine.



Bobby gives an example of how one idea spurs another.

Andy elaborates on the “various rhthyms” of this song.

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Ruth Wirt

Outstanding! The lyric is killing me. Between a clock and a hard place. I can’t lose face. Love that. It has the feel of the old 50s rock and roll western instrumentals. Like the Link Wray and Dick Dale stuff. Only cooler

Ruth Wirt

I want the 10 days to go on forever


The very first thing I thought at opening of this tune was, someone call Quentin Terrintino. It sounds like an intro to a modern day gunslinger novella, brought to life, on the big screen. That music has a certain flare, not sure what it’s called, but this song, belongs in that group. Kind of a dark, mysterious, dreadful aheadful, kinda feeling, awaiting in the next lines, around the second riff, on the corner of that verse, at the intersection of that chorus, comes the twelve o’clock running. Catchy, y’all. Loud love, in the middle of a thaw, and muddy as hell over here, from central Missouri. ✌❤🤘

Last edited 3 months ago by Sonya

What a song! One of my favorites not just on this album, but any album. And so multicultural… My mandolin riff in the fast “chase scene” part was inspired by a sword dance from Derbyshire, England, the intro is sort of Good Bad & Ugly Native American and western cowboy, the chorus sculpted from a Jewish Mediterranean style song, Del Shannon, metal……who knew we could cram and jam all that STUFF in there and make it sound so NATURAL like it just BELONGS there? For that bridge section, I woke up one early Saturday morning with that melody and lyrics in my head complete (rarely happens). I ran right down to the basement and recorded it around 6 in the morning and sent it over to Andy. I told him that I could do another take if he wanted…but he ended up using that exact FIRST recording i did in the early Saturday morning. I must have been in the zone. Clint Eastwood would be proud. E PLURIBUS ULMUS!

Mark Caro

Feel like some spaghetti……westerns?
I really dig this one!
Loving this journey guys!


I may be a small town Gal, but this makes me want to put my Boots on 😉
Love the western feel without the “horsesh?t & twang”! Don’t get me wrong, I love all genres of music, but this Great song didn’t need any artifice to put it across.
Another Winner! *Raising a glass of Wine to you Guys! 🍷*

Kerry Sargeant

Well I have nothing to say on this one. Liked it a lot. Top marks. 5 stars. Short sharp and sweet. la – la – ing is when you know you have made it.

Shirley Mason

Love this track,such a cool vibe, you guys should be writting movie sound tracks too.
This album is the best.

Rick Pickett

I closed my eyes as I always do when I listen to you two, and the video that ran through my head made me smile. I saw vivid as hell, Shaggy and Scooby dressed like Sherlock and Watson in search of clues on a mystery train… Go figure!!! Another masterpiece my Brothers!

Rancine Hathcock

Interesting. Nice flow. The mixing of strings…weaves well within. On a personal note, did we just synch?? Lol. A ‘stood my ground moment’ today. How cool is that!! Peace y’all

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