Day 6


Not a war between the states, per se…. but rather, a battle of states.

Upbeat versus gloomy. Positive versus negative. Light versus dark. 

These are actual places. Genuine destinations where we hide and reside… They each have their role, true, but we often seem to go out of our way to stay entangled in our greys. 

It’s familiar. It’s comfortable. Perhaps too comfortable. 

But beyond the clouds, we grab glimpses. Little patches of blue. And we must accept that it’s perfectly okay to aim for the blue once in a while. It exists. It’s real.

It breathes on the other side of grey.


Today’s cut, “The Other Side of Grey,” is one of those ELM TREASON songs that actually sounds like it was built for acoustic guitar. To that end, this seems like a perfect spot to spill the beans on how and why this band acquired its acoustic soul. Dig this:


“The choice was mine. This wasted time kept me from the blue. Now I see.”

Written by Andrew Roman and Robert Steel

Produced by Elm Treason

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Realm Tones Music

Being an acoustic-guitar grounded band, one might think that folk rock-type stuff would be the norm for us – a kind of mandate, a necessity, even. However, that hasn’t been the case. Not that we are anti-folk rock by any stretch. (Are you kidding?) Today’s voice – “The Other Side of Grey” – actually has that kind of vibe to it… but that’s not how this song started out. Here’s the story:


(Listen now. Let the music play!)




The other side of grey there shines the blue of day, covered while it’s easing smile is veiled by the shade.

Past the dusky skies, the morning sun sings high, soothing light in clearest sight, although I close my eyes

I can see.

The other side of grey, I feel it breathe. The other side of grey ahead of me.

And even when I stray, I always find my way as if my hands had broken in to rip apart the grey.

And it’s gone. Yes, it’s gone.

Tied to tides of time, the clouds filled my mind. Decay set in, the grey within had me cracked and dry.

And when I fell right through, face to face with truth, the choice was mine, this wasted time kept me from the blue.

Now I see.

The other side of grey is here at home. The other side of grey is clear although

when even out of view, I always make it through, as if my hands had broken in to rip apart the gloom.

And it’s gone. Yes, it’s gone.

The other side of grey, I feel it breathe. The other side of grey ahead of me.

And even when I stray, I always find my way as if my hands had broken in to rip apart the grey.

And it’s gone. (Other side of grey). Yes, it’s gone. (Other side of grey). 

Oh, it’s gone. (Other side of grey).  It is gone. (Other side…)

Beyond the clouds, away, where lives the blue of day, absent while it’s cooling smile is curtained by the grey.

Don’t mean it’s not seen, or not reality. The other side of grey is such a song inside of me.

The other side of grey is where my song longs to be. The other side of grey is something I can see.

I can see. (Other side of grey).  I can see. (Other side of grey). 

I can see. (Other side of grey). 

I can see. I can see.

(Other side of grey).


Andy talks about his beat up Fender and his contributions to this song.

Bobby elaborates a bit more on THE OTHER SIDE OF GREY.

“THE OTHER SIDE OF GREY” (original harmony demo idea)

Here is the original demo Bobby made of the song, complete with his harmony ideas.  The working title of the song was “Not Gonna Let You.” There are no lyrics yet – (it is still in “la-la” mode) – and the layered vocal ending has not yet been written. Bobby’s harmony arrangement on this chorus is what prompted Andy to scream at him, “What is wrong with you? Where were you hiding this?”


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Mark Caro

Ok!! Stop the press!
Hold on!!
Man, you guys know how to write songs!
This has a feel of The Monkees. Which is awesome ,cause they have some good songs.
Love the concept. A wise man once spoke of “Tokens of Grace.” Am I in the ballpark of the message of this one?
Keep em coming!👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼


this is a special song for us. One of our favorites and we just had to put it on the album. We think people of all ages will like this one. It’s so satisfying to see the journey this song went through and it’s completion and final result. I’m also happy I got to use a mandolin for the solo. Working out that ending took quite a bit of work but worth every second of it.
Andy’s words are just stellar. Hoping this tune gives everyone a lift.

Mark Caro

It does lift the spirit!
You guys are a great writing duo.
Seriously, Elm Treason is like treasure found!
There’s always a sense of hope in your songs!

Ruth Wirt

Now this is a universal theme that anyone can relate to. It almost has a pop feel to it but maybe that is just because it’s so positive. The lyric reminds me of a painting someone does and then speeds up the video.

Ted Koch

Most terrific!!! I can’t say it enough!!!


Harmonies mandolins, blues, and greys, oh my! And the pen is mightier than the sword. Creative overload, and happy feet abound. Seems alot is going on here, but it all flows so sweetly together, in those angelic voices. Day 6, you didn’t disappoint. Onward and upward boys! The stakes are gettin higher. Better bring the noise! Loud love, as always, from your friendly flyover state, smack dab in the center of this great country. ✌❤🤘

Tim Smyth

Hey hey with the monkies. As I was listening, my first thought was that this song was reminescient of a Monkeys tune from the 60″ s They were much more than just a tv show!. Then the first person to comment mentioned the same. Great minds… Liked the guitar solo!


Another Hit, another Home run!

While I currently feel like I’m in the ‘grey’, I know that ‘other side’ is there. I’m looking for, and tearing through to, my ‘blue’. This song will help keep us all going! This is a truly positive song! So very needed right now!

And, Bobby, you are so wonderful for doing concerts for kids! It shows your kind heart❣️🥰


thanks for the kind words., Nancy!

Kerry Sargeant

Nice. Yes the other side of grey. Good you have written a song about it. We say behind every grey cloud there is a silver lining. When in N.Z. I lived in a backpackers for 4 yrs,(thats another story) but through out my stay there I met the world without having to open my suit-case. Among these people I met there were a heap of Germans and even one Russian, who came dressed in grey, sad looks of depression ect ect .Living in the shade of grey most of their lives so when I saw this I said to most but more so to these two woman who entered like they were still under a grey cloud. I said ladys, chill out , have a great holiday , there is nothing here to hurt you especially the grey police. They emerged from their room dressed in colour hair out lipstick on, I will never forget the transformation that took place. The other side of grey —– nice

Shirley Mason

This album is sooo good, you guys rock

Karen Klucas

Omgoodness…. Grey and thin about it ..both are wonderfully
Done. I hope I get to download thinking too..

Rancine Hathcock

Very ‘dead head’ vibe. Which is super cool! Are you in need of any Merry Pranksters? Hahaha! At your service…
Peace y’all

Glenda Underhill

I love this song. It is probably my favourite so far. I love the upbeat tempo.

Don Driver

Great!! Very inspiring. Sometimes we must head through the difficulties, confront our fears and step out of the comfort zone to succeed. I really enjoyed the great harmonizing, as well as the mandolin!!


Watching your journey to write this music and lyrics is just freaking magical


Like I have said before, you guys havfe serious classic rock vibe and overtones, but refreashly original. Awesome mandolin solo! Love the whole thing!

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