Day 4


Greetings! Welcome back.

Seeing as we are a couple of New York City boys (Bobby from Staten Island, Andy from Brooklyn), and seeing as this will be our fourth album, it dawned on us that we hadn’t yet ventured to do a song about our hometown. 

Why not, we thought? We certainly couldn’t do any worse than anyone else. (Huge assumption).

So, never losing our train of thought, staying on track, never once railing against the enormity of our task (bad pun meter peaking into the red now), it hit us! What says “New York” more than the subway? (Well, the words “New” and “York” actually do, but you get the drift). 

Today, we take a ride on the “Q” train.


Today’s tune is called “Uptown Q.” It features something that we have done several times in the past – namely, a separate guitar solo from each of us within the same song. No, we don’t do it on every tune. But when it fits, we enjoy giving each of our unique styles of expression a moment in the musical sun. It’s the Elm Treason way. We talk about it here:


“Racing, grinding, killing… just to hurry up and wait

Written by Andrew Roman and Robert Steel

Produced by Elm Treason

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Realm Tones Music

It’s a steady bluesy romp through the streets of the Big Apple. Confusion, madness, magic,  and an array of sights, delights and smells are everywhere at every turn. People are driving, diving, knivving, striving and thriving. Where can you go to catch your breath, to cool out and re-set? Where are the answers to be found? Perhaps underground? Wait…. hear that sound. It’s the Uptown Q……


(Listen now. Listen Loud!).




Off from the train, where you get that smell, trucks and scum and street meat and its hot as hell.

A busking strummin’ mister with a face to match says he’s lost and would I help him find his way back.

“Help me, dude,” he said it freaking, “Don’t know what to do.” “You’ll find it if you just take the Uptown Q.”

Monkey diving killer biking ‘cross Broadway. Chaos smells like duck and beer and old shrimp paste.

Davey’s sure the middle card is black, but he don’t play. Dealer says, “You’ll be sorry if you walk away.”

Davey grabs a pretzel and a cold Yoo Hoo,  then quickly slips away to the grab the Uptown Q.

Junkies on the ferries, singers at the gate racing, grinding, killing just to hurry up and wait.

Lady grabbed a blade and said “I know a better way.” Then lost her cell and money on an outbound A.

Tried to switch and wound up at the Prospect Park Zoo. This never would have happened on an Uptown Q.

All the ‘Chocks” are Dunkins now, all the phones are smart, and if you time your jumping right, don’t need a MetroCard.

Mikey say he’d rather spend the money on a slice. Jumping stiles, Mikey say, “I get it. Ain’t too nice.

I’ll take my chance, I never had a problem on the 2, but I’d always drop the coin to take an Uptown Q.”

Gonna take the Uptown Q. Find it riding on the Uptown Q. Gonna make it on the Uptown Q

Na, na, na, na on the Uptown Q.  Ooooh, make the Uptown Q.  Make it, make it, make it, gonna make an Uptown Q


Bobby talks about his contributions to this song.

Andy talks about writing, singing and soloing in this song.

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The two of you are freaking amazing and this tune is also freaking amazing! I felt like I was in NYC yet you take a frantic frenetic go go go city and make one feel like they are strolling along groove into the sights smells and sounds just taking it all in❗️🤗

Ruth Wirt

Much respect for your playing. I love the crisp and true sound of the notes. Your lyrics are outstanding as always and your snapshot of the train both lyrically and melodically really shines. Thanks for the ride and I didn’t even need a token.

Mark Caro

My bucket list includes, having coffee with you guys! Seriously! Your songs resonate with my soul! Grace and Peace to you guys!


Gonna keep this short and sweet. This song goes in the number 2 slot of favorites on this new vinyl for me. It just resonates. Sometimes, that’s all there is to say. I’m no NY native, but I was lucky enough to have spent a week there, in Brooklyn, in a third floor walkup, with a broken elevator. I see different little corners, nooks, and hidden crannies, from all over the city, hidden in here, in my minds eye, and it takes me back. Sights, smells, experiences. And we took the subway everywhere we went. Feet pounding the pavement, sights seen, and strawberry fields, forever. Love the guitars, of course, and the way your voices just seem to melt into one anothers. It all comes together so damn good. Bravo. Hats off, boys! Loud love, indeed.🤘❤✌

Last edited 3 years ago by Sonya
Kerry Sargeant

Guys,- Guys, All Aboard- that was off the rails, you really shunted that train on the right line what was it Utown Q, I love how you both elaborate together of your music. The tempo change at the end was certainly accelerating you’s killed it, I loved it. Next stop!

Last edited 3 years ago by Kerry Sargeant

I’m really enjoying this musical journey with you guys! Day 4, on the Uptown Q 🥰

Shirley Mason

This track is the best

Alice Sullivan

It is amazing. Now I know what an Uptown Q is. You two have a really cool way about your music that is really cool. I am really enjoying all the songs you are sharing with me. Thank you Bobby, & Andy. I do hope to hear more from you. Your journey is one trip I’d travel many times. Digging all your twist’s, and shredding. So rad dudes. Party on. I’m just hitching a ride with you all. Thanks.

Craog Hecht

Wow! Ok, I kinda get a Lou Reed vibe offa this one. Cool details, finger snaps,harmonica ,mandolin, love the little disco/funk guitar stabs too. Lyrics are genius. Harmonies on the outro great as well. Great drum fills too, Bobby. Another great track!

Chris Roman

Has the be one of the best Chunk-groove-funk-move songs ever. I totally love this piece. This brings out some of the stuff Andy has always done ever since we were little. Glad to see it. You and Bobby just nail this song. I think I will play it again………for the 318th time. Great Job fellas!

Vincent Peteroy

great job
you make New Yorkers proud !!

Paul Illig

Yet Another great song! I love the opening Bass guitar riff and hearing Andy’s “Yeeaaah!” What a great feel to this song. I’ve never been to New York, I may never get to go, but somehow I feel like I’ve been there. Thanks guys!

Belle Roman

It’s like whenever I listen to a new Elm Treason song I just think to myself… when is the rock in’ solo coming, because I know it’s in here! Lol and y’all never let me down!!

Another good song and loved the SOLO video! You guys make me smile!



Rancine Hathcock

Attitude! I can dig it. Peace y’all


Never needed a metro card. Back in the day we had the token with the Y cut out in the middle and never pick a card it’s a scam. Lol

colin harold

Unfriggin believable. Yet another up and about beat.You guys are insanely talanted.

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