Day 3


Day Three has arrived! And so have you. Take a load off. It’s great to have you here.

Often, we’re fortunate enough to get, “Love your sound!” Sometimes we hear, “You guys really have a unique vibe.” Other times people ask, “How do I block you from my news feed?” (That last one really has nothing to do with this part of the album journey).

The first two comments, however, are the stuff happy musicians are made of. It is awesome to receive that kind of feedback. After all, what music maker doesn’t want his or her sound to be unique, identifiable and accessible? 

Frankly, we’re not really doing anything new. We haven’t reinvented the wheel. 

Rather, we highlight the distinctiveness of our contrasting playing styles …. and blend.


We thought this would be a perfect spot to talk about the heart and soul of the “ELM TREASON sound” (for the want of a better phrase). What makes it what it is? What the hell are we doing here? Dig this:


“Do you see what I see? Do you think you can?

Written by Andrew Roman and Robert Steel

Produced by Elm Treason

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Realm Tones Music

The next jam from “THE VOICE OF TREASON” we’re stoked for you to check out is called “EYE TO EYE..” How is it possible to take a metal vibe, connect it with a smooth groovy pocket, add in some folksy chords married with a percussive organ and top it off with  Beethoven-esque piano? You’ve come to the right place:


(Listen now. Crank it!).


Whatta ya say we go eye to eye? Maybe maybe take this eye to eye?

We’ll see it clearer if we’re eye to eye.Won’t take a minute if we’re eye to eye

Do you see what I see? Do you think you can?

If everything becomes too much to understand, here’s my hand

But it won’t happen until we’re eye to eye. Cannot happen unless we’re eye to eye

Do you feel what I feel  the way that I define?

Yes, everything may be too much, and we decide, we’re better blind..

No promises if we’re eye to eye. We’ll never know unless we’re eye to eye

What would you say if there came a day when tomorrow’s time had come?

When through the haze you’d come to face it one on one?

What would you do if I came to you when the time to waste was done?

Tell me please, at the very least, that you would come.

What would you say if there came a day when tomorrow’s time had come?

When through the haze you’d come to face it one on one?

What would you do if I came to you when the time to waste was done?

Tell me please, at the very least, that you’d come.

So, whatta ya say? Let’s go eye to eye. We may just make it going eye to eye.

We’ll see it clearer if we’re eye to eye. Won’t take a minute if we’re eye to eye.

What would you say if there came a day when tomorrow’s time had come?

When through the haze you’d come to face it one on one.

What would you do if I came to you when the time to waste was done?

Tell me please, at the very least, that you would come.

Eye to eye.  Eye to eye.  Eye to eye.  Eye to eye.


Andy talks about his approach to rhythm guitar on this song.

Bobby talks about the song’s ending solo.

“EYE TO EYE” (original demo idea)

This is the original demo idea that Andy sent to Bobby. As you ‘ll hear, no real words are in place except “Do you see what I see..” The working title on Andy’s computer was “Lady White Bread.” It was recorded with an electric guitar that was NOT plugged in.

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Hey fellas.. another awesome stroll through the process of the making of the album..Really love the look see behind the scenes.

Kerry Sargeant

Yeah man you get 5 stars for that one. Very down to the chase lyrics guys. Myself I am a guy in exile but the words cut like a knife.
No man knows the hour type of buzz, ah get ready sort of advice. The piano run was like the blind leading the blind, Beethoven was blind yeah?. Unbelievable talent I must say Bobby. So much to say in the beginning of this but now I forgot what I was on about, NEXT.


another 1 for the vault !!! KILLER

Susan Jump

It’s so exotic, mysterious & kinda blue (not blusey). 🐍

Craig Hecht

Hey guys! New-found respect for Bobby’s keyboard chops on this one, intro piano is great and the organ has a bit of an ELP vibe to me. Harmony solo in the end is cool also! Can’t wait for tomorrow’s tune!

Mark Caro

Love it!
I tell ya man!
So much creativity in your songs!
I’m enjoying this format of a song a day!
Thanks so much for sharing your talents!

Martin Kyles

Day 3, lovin this journey guys thanks so much for inviting me.😁🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇺🇸

Jared Wabeke

Wow this one’s definitely a banger. I absolutely love the keys here.


Love it! One of those “just wait til we’re in front of each other” songs that makes me wish I had a man to get “eye to eye” with!

The classical feel to the beginning piano, the guitars, all of it works just the right way together! Another winner!

Thank you guys so much for all the behind the scenes, peeks into your creative process, and fun you have shared!

Ruth Wirt

Number one with a bullet. This is perfect.


Wow! Only day three of this musical journey and I’m already stoked! I really enjoyed the peak behind the curtain to see how the sausage is made. Thank you for sharing some of your intimate musical moments with your fans. I definitely will be ordering a hard copy to add to my Elm Treason collection. I know we’re only 3 songs in so far but I think this could be the best one yet! Rock on and Thank You!!

Ted Koch

I like the commentary on rythm… Played it… Twice… Got it down… Then heard Bobby’s commentary I heard the Blind Faith reference right away… To play along I’m in F and Bflat… Very cool!!! Enjoying this concept!!!!

Michael Patterson

Great fun, for some reason I’m hearing Blue Oyster Cult, your vocal harmony and instrumental choice is delightful, Shanti…

Tim Smyth

Not sure I get the classical intro. Might have to listen a few more times. Loved the Ray Manzarekesque keyboards. More please! Always look forward to the guitar solos!

Vincent Peteroy

One word…… SUPERB !!


Hey boys. Late review. Also the third one I’ve written. I dont know what I did to the other two. Anyhow, here goes, one more time…I thought the collaboration of instruments on this was downright amazing. I loved the piano, and the gritty guitars. The way you make everything seem like it fits into this tight little box, without really forcing it just drives it home. There are so many layers to unpeel here, just little subtle surprises, here and there, all over the place, it delights my musical palate. The lyrics are great too, but, on this one the music nails it. It has that happy feet component to it. The one that says, definitely add me to your playlist, for that bonfire party. (My first write for this was really good. This may be corny) Its a happy, feel good song. Still sending all that loud love, from central Missouri. ✌❤🤘

Susan Jump

🔥 Yeah Man! That’s The Stuff!!! Whooh! 👏👏👏 Kickin Song!

Joe Zwifalt

I love the piano intro!!!!!

Odessa Rollins

You guys did it again like the song and love the way you show it on video how it came about love the music keep rocking

Alice Sullivan

I love the sound, twist’s you plugged into it. Even though you say it’s nothing new, the sound to me is new. I feel you are making new music never heard before. It is fresh. Like skinny dipping in the the new waves that wash up on shore. It , makes you want to hear more, soak it up, drink it down, & take it in over and over again. Candy to the ears. Every bit. The string change up was new, neat, and really sounds amazing. It fits really rad. Loved it all guys. You are magic music men. I really enjoyed eye to eye. Your personalities are so cool. Thank you from Tennessee.

Last edited 3 months ago by Alice Sullivan
Vincent Peteroy

I posted message but don’t know if it got submitted
I love this song, it’s outstanding
The intro, riff, melodies, style is on another level…
Incredible work !!

James Brock

Great!! I love it. They’ve all been really great but I gotta say this is my favorite tune so far! They seem to be getting better and better! Can’t wait for the rest!! I’m sure we’re all Eye to Eye on that

Belle Roman

Eye to Eye!!! Love the eye stuff, obviously. But I really particularly likes the bonus content at the bottom. Very cool! Thanks for sharing. Another great song. It’s been fun so far!

Rancine Hathcock

Personally, dig this mixture. All of it! Peace y’all

Odessa Rollins

Eye to eye is awesome I love the piano music from the beginning and the lyrics congratulations very awesome again

Simon Fillmore

Why did the intro have to end Bobby? WHY!!!?

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