Day 10


Strength and vulnerability. Interesting bedfellows.

Definitely makes for interesting poetry and late night dorm-room philosophical fodder.

Self realization can be a life-changing moment. It can be the trigger that launches the next phase of your life. And when you’re ready to come clean with (and forgive) yourself, it’s much easier to open yourself up to meaningful relationships.

Yes, life can be incredibly stingy with time. Still we often fritter it away. 

And it can take a lot of time to realize that there actually can be strength in vulnerability. 

And with time being as limited as it is, it’s good to learn that while it can still count.


“I claim no misapprehensions of what I am.

Written by Andrew Roman and Robert Steel

Produced by Elm Treason

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Realm Tones Music

The final song (or better yet, the final voice)  of our journey takes us to a proverbial fork in the road….. or rather,  a fork in our lives. Yes, this specific leg of the trip may be at its end, but there’s a whole lot of “next” waiting ahead. “Here we are at the fork now. Care to come along?” That’s what we’re asking:


(Listen now. Take it!)




Nod to the day like a pen takes to a page when it’s time to write.

Sight with sound, foot tastes the ground where how meets why.

Down and off from fragments of cross where the outraged thrive,

I’ve saved a space for you here at the fork of my life.

And time don’t care, the little it spares is just a flash, a ripple.

This slice right here is fine. It’s fine.

I claim no misapprehensions of what I am – 

A life lived in spirals and jungles by my own hands.

But these hands are mine, blemished and fine, and now I’m untied. 

And now I’ve got this hand here that’s free at the fork of my life.

And time is cold, what little it doles is just a flash, a ripple.

This piece right here is fine.

Morning’s hand fell on me. Felt like it went on endlessly. Felt like it went on just for me.

On and on and on until I was gone to the fork of my life facing me… facing me.

There at my feet, the place it should be, like shaken rain,

fallow and foul, face to the ground lays all the blame.

I see it now, can’t tell you how, but I think I’m knowin’ why.

So, I’m just asking clear, would you like to be here at the fork of my life.

And time don’t care, the little it spares is just a flash, a ripple.

This slice right here is fine. It’s fine.


Bobby goes in deeper about his approach to this song.

Andy delves into the song’s inspiration and Bobby’s contributions.

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Mark Caro

What a perfect song to end this journey!
Melody Melody Melody!!
What a great melody!!
Got a lump in my throat.
The woodwinds!Oh so good!

Ruth Wirt

A beautiful way to end 10 glorious days. Thank you thank you thank you!


A “fairy tale, dancing with the mad hatter, love story” ,kinda vibe, rushing you. A beautiful love song, and the ever dreaded topic…time. it really throws your emotions all over the place. This song just resonates. Maybe that’s why I’m leaving such a smashing review. But, I’ve already said everything I need to say to and about you, to you. Wha.. ok, seriously, I get why we called this a journey, and, number 10, they ain’t call you that for no reason..I love this song. It is perfect in its imperfections. and, Andy, your voice, and , Bobby with the mandolin and drums, everything base. Such creative madness. Loud love on a job well done. You boys are the man!! I’m gonna miss being a critic tho, in central Missouri, reporting mostly bullshit, ya girl, Sonya. ✌❤🤘

Last edited 3 years ago by Sonya

Absolutely Beautiful Song!
This new album is hitting on all the feelings! Bravo!!

And Bobby is so right about strength and vulnerability, a true dichotomy! It takes such strength of character to open up one’s self to another, to be so vulnerable that the smallest thing could feel like a mortal wound.

Michael Patterson

Just keeps getting better with each day, Shanti Bhais’

Kerry Sargeant

Man that almost is prophetic. Seems a lot of people come to that fork sooner or later but I feel the time is ripe at this very moment to be there with you. Bobby I liked how you explained Andy’s chords, I have a friend that comes up with these unusual but tantalising voicings. Take full marks for that guys. It has 🐝 n a buzz tagging along the road with you and enjoyed the ride. Thank you again.

Shirley Mason

You guys are the best of the best, love this track anx lyrics are so good.

Joe Zwifalt

Wow! What a wonderful way to end an album… It’s hard for me to grasp that I have never heard this before; a “new” song per se. This triggers memories of strolling down sunny Goodge street a lifetime ago. Well done!!!!

With that said, this musical journey that you have brought us through has been amazing! I can not thank you enough for this album pre-release adventure! I truly appreciate the Elm Treason vibe. It’s nice to know that there are folks out there keeping the classic groove alive! God, I hope your able to play live soon. I crave a live Elm Treason show!! Much love, Joe

Karen Klucas

Omg… could you get any better…..I’m at a fork in the
Road myself. Looking forward to what can be ….

Rick Pickett

Glad to be here at the Fork in your Life Andy…

Alice Sullivan

It’s sad to come to the end of this journey, but the path taken has been an exciting one. This was the perfect song for the end. Felt like a music box spinning round and round. A beautiful song to dance to. So lovely played and written. Thank you guys. I look forward to your next journey. Astounding! Marvelously done my friends. Congratulations!! May Peace be with you always.


Beautiful. The dissonance is beautifu

Rancine Hathcock

Very right on!! May it be a guide for others. What a beautiful journey, this album preview. Your writing is skilled, thoughtful and kind. Talented with your instruments. Tools of your chosen trade. Thank you so much for including me. Till we meet again. Blessings and Peace y’all

Don Driver

Thank you Elm Treason for the last 10 days of music and the behind the scenes warmth. I’ll be a fan for life of your art. Just blown away.


Bobby and Andy, thank you for taking me on this journey. These 10 days and you guys sharing your insights on writing, music composition, instruments used and inspiration was absolutely wonderful. I feel like you are best friends. Rock on Elm Treason and God bless Brooklyn (my old town) and NYC for keeping on producing musicians like you guys from your experiences there.

Again thank you for sharing this journey. Your music and lyrics are awesome.

Hope we can do this again one day. If you ever want to come and play in Montreal where I now live in venues or some of the music festivals we have here. Reach out to me as I know people here in the business and would love to help you guys on expanding and sharing your talents to a wider audience.

God bless,


Last edited 2 years ago by Andy
Christopher Stetson

Absolutely amazing

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